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Kkingery83 06-25-2012 04:41 PM

White spot on top gum
My husband had a few small white spots on his top gums for a year now. He had an oral surgeon check them out last August and he said they were nothing but he didn't go into any detail as to what it is and if it's normal. I looked at it again and it seems like it may have gotten a little larger and little whiter. He did go to the dentist two weeks ago granted he didn't point the spots out the dentist didn't say anythig about it at all. He also had a full oral cancer exam with the velescope. My question is is this normal? Is this a small exotosis? Is this anything to run to the dentist for. Also they are not painful at all and they feel hard and don't blanch when you touch them. I will include a pic. Thanks.

Top left gum above front tooth

There are also small spots on the other side but not as white

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