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bbroke 12-05-2012 03:53 AM

swelling/tumor on cheek
My father, aged 90. Three month back had swelling on cheek, the GP saw inside and said ulcer and Rx augmentin. The swelling disappeared. It is difficult to view inside mouth but we were satisfied that it has gone. 15 days back same thing appeared again. This time GP advised us to go to ENT , the ENT said he suspects malignancy and needs ct scan and biopsy. My father had heart attack in past and needs angised on and off. There are so many question marks. Would it be malignant, would anesthetist clear for surgery? I may add his energy level and appetite are not affected. Could this be malignant? He was using too much micro wave to warm up foods. Appreciate your inputs. Thanks.

captjane 03-19-2013 06:29 PM

Re: swelling/tumor on cheek
The best thing is to have the scans and biopsy and see what you are dealing with. It may not be cancer, and the only way to know is when the results of the tests come back. It sounds like they are checking for sinus cancer, which is actually not very common, and microwaving his food wouldn't have caused it. It's often something that people may get after years of working with certain chemicals, or treated wood dust but actually in many cases they just don't know what causes it. Don't jump to conclusions yet though, even the ENT can not confirm cancer until your father has these tests.

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