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TEdds83 10-04-2014 08:35 PM

What is this bump on very back of tongue
Hello all! I am looking for some reassurance but I know you are not Doctors on here. About 5 months ago I felt a presence of something on the back of my tongue. It felt sticky or like a bump when I swallowed. I went to my ENT and he saw nothing, still I knew something was there. It seemed to go away for awhile this summer. Then it was back in late August and has stayed since then. It is now early October. I have bought a dental mirror and managed to stick my tongue out far enough to see the bump. It is flesh colored, maybe a little red and the size of an eraser head. It is so far back it is where my tongue curls and heads down the back of the throat.

I am wondering if this is an enlarged taste bud that never seems to go down. My worse fear is tongue cancer. It does NOT hurt at all. I do have acid reflux and allergies. I am a non smoker and rarely have a drink. I am afraid I will have to have this thing cut out of something. I don't know how to get it to go down. I see the dentist this Thursday and maybe he will biopsy it. Anyone else have anything that resembles this happen to you? Any replies appreciated. Thank you!

sashababe 10-05-2014 06:22 AM

Re: What is this bump on very back of tongue
If I stick my tongue out as far as I can, I can see a small bump on the left side and a slighter larger one on the right side. They are both taste buds. For some reason the right side one is always more enlarged. I expect what you can see is just a taste bud too.

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