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sharon 1973 07-04-2006 02:28 PM

please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
i have a friend who has renal failure for 22 years she does dialysis 3 days a a week
12 years ago she had breast cancer
the last 6 weeks she hasnt been feeling well temps everyday she went for a kidney scan and they noticed her liver was very deformed they said it was a sign of cancer
so she went for a bone scan and cancer spots showed up all through her. she goes for her liver biopsy thursday
this doesnt sound very good any information would be great thanks sharon

Sonflower1116 07-04-2006 09:42 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
Please do a websearch on "Rene Caisse".

I have personally talked with a man who has been healed from cancer after he was given a six-weeks-to-live diagnosis about 10 years ago. (In another post I accidentally said it was last year) He had liver cancer. He found a book "Canada's Remarkable Cancer Cure, Essiac Tea", found a source to buy it, and began drinking this herbal tea 3 times a day. He said that when he returned to the doctor several months later, that his tests showed no cancer. He's 59 now and works a 12-hour day. He also said that he has not had a cold or the flu since.

Another local lady testified just last week that she had been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma about 2 months ago and this same man shared his testimony with her and helped her get the herbal tea. She stated that her recent tests show her blood pressure and blood count are back to normal after only 2 months of drinking the Essiac herbal tea.

It's definitely worth considering. It builds up the immune system.

Just type in "Rene Caisse" in your search engine.

God Bless

runaway0202 07-05-2006 07:20 AM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
I have done research on the Essiac Tea myself, and have often wondered if in fact this really works. I have also read that it does nothing and the sites are just preying on cancer victims. I am a cancer survivor myself, and was wondering how true this Essiac Tea is. Where do you get it besides online? Heard alot of people claiming to have the "original" recipe, and online imposters. Any information would be appreciated.


Sonflower1116 07-05-2006 09:24 AM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
Well, in my previous post, I told you about one cancer survivor that I personally talked to at length and asked a lot of questions, and he shared with me how he contacted the other woman with non-hodgkins lymphatic cancer (as well as did my best friend share with me the story as she knows Linda personally) and how she is also seeing fantastic results in just a few months.

You will always find pros and cons about any subject on the internet, which is to me, very exasperating at times. However, I have read the book and searched every website I could find on the subject and nowhere did I see anything that suggested it was harmful in any way, only beneficial.

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse, whose own mother was cured, and she personally treated thousands of cancer patients who were sent to her with a written doctor's diagnosis, confirming a diagnosis of terminal cancer, many were told there was nothing else they could do for the patient. She documented these cases and presented them to the medical profession in Canada. All had been cured.

There is just so much information, you must read for yourself and decide if you want to give it a try. In my opinion, as for myself, I would be willing to try it if the doctors had sent me home to die.

I believe God provides simple solutions to a healthy body. Chemotherapy and radiation may stop cancer for awhile but I don't think it has ever cured anyone. It's just been the only course of action that most doctors and patients are familiar with.

Now you have another option to try and it's not dangerous, damaging or debilitating. You won't lose your hair or have your immune system destroyed by taking the Essiac tea. Just the opposite, it will restore your immune system so you can fight disease, colds, flu and allergies.

My husband and I are in our 60's and we've decided to take it to help with treating arthritis and prevent colds and flu. Every time we got a flu shot we came down with a terrible case of the flu, last year we did not take a flu shot and we didn't get the flu. I also have many food and chemical intolerances and am hoping this tea will address these issues also. I'm concentrating on eating healthy and building up my immune system and time will tell if the tea will be beneficial. I will gladly let you know how it turns out.

I realize that arthritis, flu and intolerances don't measure up to the severity of having cancer, yet all are affected by a compromised immune system.

The man who was healed of cancer lives nearby and sells the tea at cost, and will ship it anywhere (for half the cost of any site online) but, unfortunately, we cannot give out personal information for obvious reasons.

I hope this information will help you decide to at least give it a try. BTW, we both like it's taste, even without any sweetener.

runaway0202 07-06-2006 07:47 AM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer

Thanks so much for all the info. I did read some thing's about Rene Caisse and her incredible story. I would love to try the Essiac Tea, but again, don't trust the websites claiming to have the "original" receipe. Can the tea be bought in health food stores, or like a GNC or similar vitamin store?

You sound very educated on this and would love to hear about any outcome from you drinking the tea. Or any other information you can provide without breaking the rules of this site.

Sonflower1116 07-06-2006 09:22 AM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
Most health food stores do not carry the actual "original recipe" and my friend says the [I][U]Flor Essence[/U][/I] they had is a weaker blend. (A woman, named Elaine Alexander, learned of the recipe and thought it could be made better by adding an additional four herbs, so she did and changed the name to Flor Essence.) He first bought some from a health food store nearby and then decided to buy the organic herbs in bulk and package them himself to guarantee he was getting the correct amounts of each herb.

I pooh-poohed all those claims to "have the 'Original Recipe'" as it's posted on several websites for public domain and it is the same as the recipe in the book. I chose an online source that also listed a telephone number where you can call them and ask questions. You can always order from several sources (not all at once, of course) and determine from taste strength which one is more potent. If the blend lists ONLY the four original herbs and they're organic, you're probably safe with that company. It's recommended that you don't buy the liquid.

The four herbs are Organic Burdock Root, Organic Sheep Sorrel, Organic Slippery Elm and Organic Turkish Rhubarb.

Either way, I encourage you to give the herbal tea a try. It may cost you a few dollars but you may reap benefits that will well be worth it.

As for my being educated, I've fought food intolerances for over 12 years. It took a long time to find what was happening with me. The doctors didn't have a clue and just wrote out a prescription for hay fever. My doctor knows to always give me a copy of my lab work and anything else she's looking at, so I can go home and go online and study each area that needs working on and try to get in better shape before my next annual checkup. LOL One year I brought my triglycerides down from 290 to 91. My husband and I decided a long time ago that if we wanted better health, we were going to have to take charge of our health and read information about everything that concerned us and try different solutions. That's why we decided to try the Essiac Tea for our arthritis and intolerances.

I am also on the [I][B]Fat Flush Plan[/B][/I] (Ann Louise Gittleman) and her book "The FAt Flush Plan) is where I first learned the importance of a healthy liver and how to detox the liver. It's a filter for our whole body and a healthy liver will definitely help your immune system. This tea is also supposed to remove toxins from the liver.

God Bless,

runaway0202 07-06-2006 10:53 AM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
Hey Barb-

Have you noticed a difference since starting the Tea? I think I know the site you are talking about that provides a telephone number. I will check it out again today, and make a decision. Do you know if the book is sold in regualr bookstores?

I have been taking Vitiman C because I had heard that there is a study going on about Vitiman C and it being administered by IV, large doses that is. I figured if I got a head start with pill form, maybe that will help a little at least.

I am a cancer survivor of a year and a half, and all the biopsies have been negative and all CT Scans as well. I go for my next scan on the 11th of this month, and I just have a funny feeling about this one. I would like to have all my ducks in a row and my Plan B in place just in case.

I have found this site to be very helpful, and a very positive reinforcement for myself. You have been wonderful, and I appreciate the time you have spent sharing your knowledge.

Thanks you, and I look forward to hearing more about your experience with the Tea.

Sonflower1116 07-06-2006 02:00 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
Unfortunately the book, "Canada's Remarkable Cancer Cure: Essiac Tea" is out of print but you might find a copy at Amazon. I first found a copy there for $28 plus s&h, but I didn't want to pay that much. Found a used copy for only $15 plus s&h and it arrived within the week and it looked like it was in new condition. A lot of the information on some of the websites are what's in the first part of the book. It tells of the origin of the tea from an Indian Medicine Man who gave the formula to a woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was healed completely after drinking the tea and lived many more years. She became acquainted with Rene Caisse and shared the formula with her when Rene's Mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She lived many more years also, cancer-free. Rene then shared the formula in her medical clinic with thousands of others who were told there was nothing else the medical doctors could do for them and they were also healed. She had a lot of opposition from the medical profession, but was allowed to continue to distribute the tea as long as she didn't charge anything. The middle section of the book are copies of all the legal papers, doctor's reports and such, and the last third of the book are actual copies of testimonies that survivors had written or typed.

We've only been drinking the tea for two weeks so it's alittle early to tell any difference. We do look forward to having our little cup-o'-tea twice a day as we mainly drink only water. Got off cokes coffee and tea years ago because of the sugar, caffeine and chemicals.

I do also drink homemade cranberry juice with lots of water and a little Stevia Plus. It's a great diuretic and helps flush out toxins. My doctor was familiar with the benefits of cranberry juice and encouraged me to keep drinking it. She even took me off prescription diuretics.

Congratulations on being a cancer survivor. That's very encouraging. I hope you get a good report when you return for another scan. Get yourself some of that Essiac tea, girl, and get to drinking it before your appointment. It and the vitamin C would both be helpful.

I'm glad I have been of some help and I hope encouragement. Most people who know me say I am full of useless information most of the time ;) as I love to read miscellaneious tidbits and share them. LOL I'm working on getting more of the important stuff in my head to share.

Take care,

runaway0202 07-07-2006 07:33 AM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
Hi Barb-

I am feeling bad about taking over this thread with my own questions for you, but hope that the person who has started the thread is finding some of this info to be helpful.

Being a cancer survivor is very stressful. Always wondering if a headache means brain cancer, every pain or ache makes you automatically think its cancer. I am very grateful for being a survivor, and I thank God every day for giving me the strength to get through all of the radiation and chemo I went through. But I am looking for an alternative just in case...I hate to speak the words "what if", because words are very powerful. So, I am a survivior and everything is going to be perfect on the 11th!!!!!

I checked out the Road to Healing and will be ordering up some tea today. I will keep you informed as to my results from both the tea and the scan. As I hope you do the same.

Again, you have been a God sent to me, and I thank you for all that you have spoken. :angel:

Best of health-

sharon 1973 07-07-2006 09:07 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
hi all

just a quick update it has been confirmed her breast cancer is back the bone scan already showed positive for spots and her liver is abnormal in shape her biopsy was done yesterday no results yet from it that ive heard......
so my question is to me this sounds really bad they will start chemo next week and her dr says theres hope whats your thoughts........pleasse be honest :angel:

whitewingdove 07-09-2006 03:45 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
hi sharon,
i'm really sorry to hear that. the dr. is right tho. there is always hope.

i wish i had known about that herbal tea when my pappaw was sick. it might've helped. but i guess it was just his time and the good Lord took him.

i wish the best to all of you. and i will be praying for your friend sharon.

Podee 07-09-2006 04:50 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
I don't know if any of these non-traditional remedies work, but I do know that if they work it would only be over a very long period of time. Also, once the body is already weakened with disease it seems even less likely that these mild herbal substances could do much of anything except over a very long period.

However, I think that nothing works better than a long term preventative regimen - before the diseases strike.

If you think about it, this is the only thing that makes sense. Eating red meat one day will no more cause cancer than eating fish or broccoli or that tea one day will prevent it. Exercising one day may do nothing other than get you sore but exercising vigorously every other day for 80 years may be part of what gets you to live to a 100.

This is why even though I am quite young (30s) I adhere to a strict low red meat, high fish, high vegetables and health foods in general diet, avoid fatty or sugary foods, exercise vigorously every other day, keep stress at a minimum and sex at a maximum, take in plenty of fluids including herbal concoctions such as mentioned here, use advanced skincare, avoid the sun, and take a series of supplements, including herbal, vitamins and minerals that come to about 25 different tablets daily.

I think the reason scientific studies fail to validate any of these supplements or herbal remedies or diet or lifestyle changes is that people just change habits or take supplements or herbs for a few months and let's face it, there are no miracle cures other than miracles themselves and when these come they have nothing to do with drinking some tea for a few months.

Podee 07-09-2006 04:52 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
[QUOTE=sharon 1973]hi all

just a quick update it has been confirmed her breast cancer is back the bone scan already showed positive for spots and her liver is abnormal in shape her biopsy was done yesterday no results yet from it that ive heard......
so my question is to me this sounds really bad they will start chemo next week and her dr says theres hope whats your thoughts........pleasse be honest :angel:[/QUOTE]

You don't have to answer but since this board is anonymous it might help the situation more if you let us know if this is about "Sharon" or you. Not to pry and sorry if I worded this inappropriately.

I just think if we are offering up advice or strength would be best first hand.

Sonflower1116 07-10-2006 01:51 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
To Podee, The man I mentioned in my first message on this thread had terminal liver cancer and was given 6 weeks to live. He said he started drinking the Essiac Herbal formula 3 times a day, did nothing else for treatment, (I'm betting that he did make dietary changes as he became more knowledgeable), and has now been cancer-free for 10 years.

I have shared this man's personal testimony and that of the other lady with non-hodgkins lymphoma in hopes that it might give someone another option to try in case they did not want the traditional chemotherapy or radiation. I realize it is a very tough decision to have to make, especially when the cancer might be spreading/growing.

I totally agree with you in that we should start making dietary/lifestyle changes before we become sick with cancer or whatever disease lurks near our body.

The results of this herbal tea has been documented in Canada. Thousands of patients of Rene Caisse were healed and documented. There are letters written by doctors who had sent their patients to Ms. Caisse, who testified that their patients were terminal cases and that when they returned months later, they were completely healed.

Essiac Herb tea is not a mild tea. The instructions recommend drinking only 2oz. 3 times a day for cancer patients. It states that no more is necessary.

I do know that if the doctors sent me home as incurable, or if my cancer had repeatedly returned, I'd be ordering the tea to give it a try. If you think about it, no one has every been healed with chemo or radiation, they only buy you time, while destroying your immune system.

You are a wise young man and I applaud your wisdom to take charge of your health before you get sick.

Sonflower1116 07-10-2006 02:13 PM

Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer
Hi Tracey, I've been gone most of the weekend and am just now able to sit down and read messages. I hope you will get amazing results from your scan and drinking the Essiac Tea.


I hope I can help make a difference in people's lives and give them some hope and an alternative option. I've only learned about the Essiac Tea about 6 weeks ago and my husband and I are convinced of it's healing properties. We are definitely putting it to the test.

Waiting to hear your good news from your scan. Thank you for your kind words, you are a blessing.

Best of health to you, too.

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