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Terry G 03-04-2022 10:20 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed
I appreciate Prostatefree’s point of view especially with regard to early detection. Simply looking at my biopsy results suggests I’m a perfect candidate for AS and yet I elected early aggressive treatment and have no regrets. My urologist was ready to schedule surgery and what a terrible choice that could have been for me. I believe we can become biased in our treatment decision especially when we have great results with it. I try not to let my bias show.

With PCa it’s difficult to say what is the best decision for someone else. I think we all would prefer that each guy make a fully informed decision regarding what treatment is best for their particular circumstances. If the only treatment information comes from your urologist I don’t believe you’re making a very informed decision. My wish is that more recently diagnosed would fully investigate all their options. Terry

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