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  • Husband just got the call 🥴

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    Husband just got the call 🥴

    Hi.. my husband just took the call telling him he has several level 3 & 4 cancer in his prostate following a recent biopsy .. We are in the UK and hes been told he will have hormone pills for 6months them either a prostate operation (?) or radiotherapy for 6 weeks daily .. we are both very scared .. hes 53 and we have a busy life with children and working together. Can anyone give us calm advice as to what to do next and is there anything he should eat / not eat etc .. should he get tested for other cancer sites now too ? Sorry .. feeling overwhelmed and need to help him. Thank you so much.

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    Re: Husband just got the call 🥴


    Take a deep breath. It's probably a whole lot better than you think. Do you have other information like that you will find in all our signatures?

    Read through others' experiences and advice. You will probably see that the cancer is slow moving one and you have time to calmly consider your options. One of which is just to monitor it. Read through the side effects of surgery, radiation and ADT (hormone therapy), find out where the cancer is located. Your husband is fairly young and has options. If the cancer is local to the prostate he will probably go back to a normal life for the most part.

    Personal experience:

    I was told I had a 95% chance of surviving 10 years with or without treatment and had plenty of time to decide. The 10 year estimate is because I am 74 and they expect I will die from something else in the meantime. The specifics are in my signature and you can compare those to your husband's. When I had an MRI and learned that the cancer was located in an area where it could easily exit the prostate and cause problems I went ahead with treatment.

    So 6 months ADT and 28 week day radiation sessions like your husband has been offered. The radiation begins 2 months into the ADT. There are several versions of hormone treatment. Mine is lupron injections on a one month or four month basis. Testosterone supports the cancer so ADT temporarily stops production of testosterone. Short term ADT with lupron gives men many of the symptoms of menopause; hot flashes, emotions (oh, yes), loss of libido, ED, fatigue. I have completed radiation and have 2 months of ADT. So far, it's been a walk in the park other than messy emotions. In two or three months I'll report the results.

    I'm going to inject some of my own opinion and agenda here. I hope you are not shy about discussing male sexual function as it will come into play in your decisions.

    One of my main goals is preserving sexual function. There are two bundles of nerves and vessels located along side the prostate that support erection that can be damaged by surgery, causing impotence. Surgeons can often do nerve sparing procedure. Radiation spares nerves, but can artificially age the vessels for impotence a few years down the way. In addition, some reports claim that ADT with radiation increases the chance of ED.

    I find information that health of erectile tissue depends on having a frequent supply of oxygenated blood via erections. I feel that the loss of function with ADT is probably due to the loss of libido and interest in erections so no nourishment to the erectile tissue. I have set myself a regimen of at least one erection a day and am so far fully functional other than no libido to support sexual interest. I am not taking ED meds and not using any mechanical devices. Without the libido, the drive has to come from the mind and requires quite a bit of focus. It is actually quite a drag, but I don't like the alternative.
    Diagnosed at age 73 Feb 2019 DRE indicates nodule PSA 2.8 Aug 2019 PSA 3.1 Urologist suggests biopsy in Oct Results of biopsy: 2 of 12 cores positive. Low volume T2b, intermediate risk, GS 3+4, PSA 3.10, prostate cancer, perineural invasion. Followed up with MRI to help decide between surgery and IMRT. MRI shows suspicious PIRADS 5 lesion measuring in diameter, with associated left neurovascular bundle involvement. Started 6 month lupron series Feb 2020, 28 sessions of high dose IMRT Apr 15, 2020. Sexual functions okay except ejaculate has changed. Without libido it is an academic process that requires much focus. July 27 first measure of PSA and total testosterone. PSA: .13 ng/dl Total testosterone is less than 12 ng/dl.

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    Re: Husband just got the call 🥴

    The UR should explain in a consultation with both of you the treatment options available and potential side effects. Then the UR should give you time to make the decision before any Surgery or Radiation Treatment is started.
    Most cases here in the USA ADT [Hormone Thearpy] is given in the form of a needle injection in the buttocks. This will shut down or greatly reduce the Testosterone Levels which starves the cancer of its main fuel supply.This helps slow down the PCa growth and also suppose to make IMRT
    [radiation thearpy] more effective.

    It is not uncommon for the UR to order a Nuclear Bone Scan - MRI - and Pelvic Scan to determine the extent of the PCa before treatment begins.
    Wish the very best for the both of you in this new journey.

    There are many good folks here with different experiences dealing with PCa.

    My UR gave me this book and it is very helpful and available on-line.

    100 Questions & Answers About Prostate Cancer 5th Edition
    by Pamela Ellsworth
    T2a / Gleason Score 8 / PSA at Diagnosis 6.9 /
    1-5 aggressive score : 4
    12 cores= 4 positive
    NBS = Negative
    Pelvic CT= Negative
    Pelvic MRI= Negative
    Age at Diagnosis= 60-65 age group
    Completed 42 IMRT Sessions
    Lupron scheduled for 2 years [Started DEC 2019]

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    Re: Husband just got the call 🥴

    Sorry you are here and have to deal with this disease. Fear is a powerful force and can consume you. The best way to deal with fear is facts. I strongly recommend you get Dr. Walsh's book Surviving prostate cancer. Learning the language, the options, and side effects are critical to making an informed decision. I wish you both peace. Denis
    65YO healthy man, PSA 5/17 4.6, MPMRI, 5/17 lesion. 13 core biopsy 3 positive 3+3 All cores less than 30% 8/17 - second opinion Yale (3+4) in one core, < 5%, decipher test shows intermediate risks. HDR BT completed 2/6/18. 5/3/18 3 month Post HDR BT PSA 1.3, 6 mo PSA 1.2. 1-year PSA 1.0, testosterone 475, 18 month PSA 0.4 Testosterone 524, 30 month PSA 0.4.

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    Re: Husband just got the call 🥴

    Egmum, It is a tought nut to swallow 53 is the new normal for Pca. We here have all gone through what your family is going through. Some of us have gone through it 3 times! I was just older than your husband and that was 5 years ago and lots of what was just experimental has become the normal treatments and testing. As posted above get Dr. Walsh's book and read what applies now! You will receive lots of advice as to who what and when to ask questions that will guide you through this downturn in your life. Above all keep a open mind and keep the faith!

    Diag. 56 DOB 2/59 PSA Base 1.5 01/14 2.0 6/15 2.4
    Biopsy 6/15 5 Gleason Score 8
    RP 10/15 Path 54g 5x4.2x2.8cm 4+3=7 Tumor location quadrants Bilateral
    Extra-capsular extensions present,SV no invasion
    Vascular invasion none, PNI ,Multicentricity multifocal
    Margins No tPresent inked margins 5 neg pT3a,N0
    PSA 10/16 <0.1 02/7/17 1st BCR 0.4 02/15/17 0.5
    Pet Scan 2/17 Neg PSA 03/17 0.6 Axumin trial 17.4mm tumor rt. SVB Casodex + Trelstar
    04/17 SRT (42) to include location of tumor
    08/17 PSA 0.1 Last 6 uPSA 0.006 uPSA 2/19 0.030 2nd BCR 5/19 0.235 5/30 0.32 6/19 0.34
    7/19 0.06 8/19 0.08 9/19 0.05610/190 0.08 11/19 0.07 12/19 0.07
    7/19 Trelstar, Xtandi, Zoledronic Acid
    12/19 (3) SBRT Iliac bone liasion post SBRT 1/ 20 0.06 2/20 0.04 3/20 0.02 4/20 <.02 5/20 <0.02 6/20 <.02 7/20 .014

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    Terry G
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    Re: Husband just got the call 🥴

    Egmum, Seeking advice is a good first step. A diagnosis of prostate cancer is common and fortunately an early diagnosis is very treatable and the expectation of a complete cure is very reasonable.

    One of the challenging aspects of this disease is that there are so many treatment options available. Each has advantages and disadvantages and you’ll find first hand experience on this board with all of the them. You’ll also find persons here willing to share and walk you through all the options. We have all been where you’re at and understand. Any additional information you can add regarding past PSA history, specific biopsy results, overall health etc. will help. Look at some of the “signatures” for those details.

    Now is the time to learn as much as you can regarding treatment options; no need to panic. Each treatment has different side effects and it’s important to find the best treatment for your situation. Good luck, keep learning and keep us posted.
    Rising PSA:
    11/13 1.95; 9/15 3.28; 10/16 5.94
    TRUS 1/17
    Bx: Three of twelve cores adenocarcinoma Gleason 6 (3+3) all on left side, no pni.
    DOB 7/21/47; good health; age 69 @ Dx
    Treated 6/17 SBRT @ Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Tendulkar
    Reduced ejaculate only side effect; everything works
    To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.

    PSAs post.SBRT 1.1, 1.1, .9, 1.8, 2.7, 1.0, 0.3, 0.6

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