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honda50 03-19-2012 10:46 AM

The "Off Cycle" of IADT3...
Just curious to find out how long it takes for the testosterone to start to rise once the "off cycle" starts.

Also, will the PSA, typically, stay low until the testosterone starts to rise?

Of course, I realize this will be from any of your experiences and that each person may be different.

Irv got his first PSA result back just one month after starting his "off cycle". His PSA is still at <.02!!! Yay! However, his testosterone is lower this month than last month. (.7 this month vs. 1 last month - Canadian measurements). It's still at the castrate level so I'm not sure if I should get too excited about the PSA just yet. I'm thinking we need to wait to see a rise in the testosterone to get a true indication of how fast or slow the PSA (cancer) will progress. Would this be a correct assumption? At any rate, I'm glad that we have another month to relax...hopefull the start of many. ;)


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