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jonathan12 04-01-2012 03:14 PM

Radiation Therapy and Sex
I am into the 13th treatment of Radiation therapy for prostate cancer, Gleason score of 7. Is it safe to continue to have sex if there is an erection available? I have a total of 25 treatments and then I'll have radiation seeds placed in my prostate.;)

Tall Allen 04-01-2012 09:54 PM

Re: Radiation Therapy and Sex
For you, not only is it safe, it's a healthful thing to do. It's important to keep a good supply of blood going there throughout the entire process, both during the radiation and the seeds and afterwards too. Get as much exercise as you can, too.

For your partner, there is zero radiation exposure during the external beam radiation. I've read that the exposure to your partner during sex when the seeds are first implanted is only 14 mrem, which is about the dose you'd get taking a couple of round trip flights from NY to LA. If you're getting I-131 seeds, that drops by half every 2 months. If your seeds aren't stranded (but most are these days) use a condom for a couple of weeks afterwards to catch any seeds that migrate out. Another option is to have HDR brachytherapy (temporary implants) where nothing is left inside and there is no exposure to your partner at all.

- Allen

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