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jupaul 04-08-2012 08:33 AM

Question about biopsy 2nd Opinion
I'm 49 and on my second biopsy (3/16/2012) the results came back with one core positive, 10% to 15%, Gleason 3+5=8 - not what I wanted but I felt somewhat good that it was only one core and a small percent.

Given that I have some 5 in there, I wanted a second opinion so I requested my slides and sent them to John's Hopkins.

Hopkins came back with a Gleason 4+5=9 and 40% of the core - pretty different from the Northwestern pathologist.

Now my real question - as I read the report from Hopkins, I noticed they only received one slide, the originally reported positive core, they did not receive any of the other 12 benign cores. When I asked for my slides, I assumed I was sending all of them for review, not just the one. Is it normal to only send the "positive" cores?

Given the difference between Northwestern and Hopkins on the one positive core, I'm really wondering about the remaining cores - I would have liked to have had them all reviewed.

On the other hand - from what I can tell the slide was not reviewed by Epstein @ Hopkins - so does their reading really carry that much more weight than the pathologist @ Northwestern in Chicago? I'm seeing Dr. Catalona and I can't believe he's relying on "iffy" pathology reports.

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