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Rock1882 08-18-2012 05:14 PM

Fluctuating PSA.
Hey Broderbund, Tall Allen , Jim,

I just had my 6 month Psa checkup tuesday of this week, bummer results, 3.25 and I am on finastride so actually 6.5. My last checkup in Feb 2012was 2.0, last Aug.2011, 2.8. One of my questions is, I own a landscaping business and go with my guys and usually run one of the mowers, 31hp mower which bounces you to death on the majority of the jobs we do. That being said, would that cause my Psa numbers to be high? I also have felt terrible since the last of June, had a CT scan of sinus and have a pretty bad infection. The morning of my Psa test, this past tuesday, I had done some mowing and called the nurse at lunch time to see when I could come and get my blood drawn which she said around 2 that afternoon. So yesterday around 6:15 she called with the results and said the Dr. wanted to schedule me for another biopsy, which will be my second in almost 8 years. I had started around Nov 2011 on vitamin D and pomegranate supplements and that is why I figured my drop to 2.0 on my Feb 2012 test It just seems like the test done in August when we are really busy is always higher than the February test. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Rock

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