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mrcool700 12-27-2019 01:14 PM

Worried Son
In March my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer . After months of chemo and radiation which they say didn't shrink the tumor much he had his surgery last week .The surgery took 8 hours and the doctor said the inflammation was the worse she had seen. He ended up with the permanent colostomy bag. Now the pathologist report said there was cancer still in the margin . The doctor won't tell us nothing until they go in front of tumor broad . Does anyone know what this means has the cancer spread ? Is it still cureable like the doctor has been telling us ? Could it still be cured with more surgery or chemo ? Was all the chemo and radiation for nothing ? Has anyone dealt with this and if so how did it turn out ? Any thoughts would help I am worried and don't want to wait a week to find out from doctor .

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