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tadpat 12-10-2012 04:09 PM

I have anal canal cancer from HPV. Had 2 colonoscopies this year January and July. Both had polyps removed. Surgeon noticed a "pimple" at the anal opening during the july procedure. He said he thought nothing of it and did not have it analyzed. The "pimple" grew into a much bigger polyp during the following 2 months. Felt like it was the size of my little fingernail. At a subsequent surgery he removed this polyp. Pathology showed more tissue needed to be removed. so a second surgery was done. I have been using pads and diapers since this last one. Waiting on this last pathology report. Was told chemotherapy and radiation is next step. At this point just praying for great outcome. I also have polyps growing periodically in my mouth but I scrape them out. Now waiting for it to happen again so thay can be analyzed. After much searching the internet on this subject I discovered this is what Farrah Fawcett died of. Sexual desires of lthe two men who had previouslybeen in my life. I am a retired woman and I want more years. My parents wanted me to be a Nun, maybe I should have listened.

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