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linzgirl 03-03-2013 06:48 PM

Having a Sigmoidoscope, What's that involve?
Hi , :confused:
I've got an appt for a Sigmoidoscope, on 22nd March..
just spoke to Receptionist at Hospital, & asked what it would involve?

Apparently my GP sent a letter to ask it be done, after I'd mentioned bleeding from my Bowel at times.

I also have what the nurse told me was Dependent Oedema ..
which is really annoying as my stomach feels fat & bloated with pain on my right side and round at the back..
I find it more comfortable lying on my right side to sleep.

Also my Ankles stay swollen, and I can't wear my shoes or sneakers.. have to go out in Ug Slippers.. which feels strange but nothing I can do !!

Can anyone help me if they've had this please?

Thank you kindly..
linzgirl x :angel:

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