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Tamodeez 06-11-2018 04:20 PM

Dermatologist Question
Ive never gone to a dermatologist before and went for my first full body check today. The Dermatologist found a mole on my thigh that he debated about whether to remove and then found a very small black mole on my back. He said he couldnt remove them today so Im going back next week. He didnt say anything else to me. Just that he wanted to remove them and told the assistant to set up an appt for me. He left the room and realized he didnt say anything on why he wanted to remove them. If he was concerned or just being safe....nothing!

Is it normal to have moles removed after a first visit or do dermatologists only remove them when they know its cancer?

Should I get a second opinion since his bedside manner was horrible?

I suffer from health anxiety so his lack of communication with me has elevated my anxiety. Plus, my brother in law is in hospice and only has weeks to live. All of this has really messed with my anxiey.

Any positive information would be helpful.

Titchou 06-11-2018 05:09 PM

Re: Dermatologist Question
Sorry you didn't understand the procedure. Normally for a full body check they make a separate appt to do removals...unless you insist they do it then. I'll usually book the appt for both -just in case. And they often remove moles "just in case"...they'll send if off to be tested and send you the results. Appt sounds perfectly normal.

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