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Magskatie 11-15-2018 06:45 AM

Excision question
I saw my Dermatologist 6 days ago for a check on a suspicious red spot on my right upper arm. She did an excision and placed a band aid and wrap around arm. It started bleeding when I got into my car, but I applied pressure and it stopped. She cut somewhat deep as she seemed to think it was a cancer by the way she acted and also feeling my lymph nodes. Three days later she called and said good news, it is pre cancerous and not something needing surgery. So I have what looks like an open wound. I asked if there is some kind of ointment I should be applying. She said I could use some antibiotic ointment but not necessary. I won't be seeing her until February 11 of next year. Does this excision usually close up and or grow skin on its own and how long for healing.

yayagirl 11-15-2018 08:55 AM

Re: Excision question
Dear Magskatie,

Precancer means it should be checked again. I would call the office and ask when they want the spot seen again. Checking the skin is checking for cancer, but the checking by itself does not mean you do have cancer.

Ideally they should have given you some instructions for follow-up, but it's up to us to make sure that we know what kind of follow up if any, needs to be done. Be sure to call the office and let them know if the wound does not appear to be healing at all in a week to ten days.

My cancer dermatologist recently checked on some spots. She froze a few spots and deep cut out one suspicious looking spot. Only testing the tissue reveals whether it is actually cancer. In my case I did have superficial skin cancers that were removed by freezing and the spot she cut out was tested and was found to not be cancer. I was told to use a dab of Vaseline to keep the deep wound moist and to keep it covered with a Bandaid but I chose to buy a new tube of antibiotic salve because I know for me a deep cut doesn't heal very fast, plus it was bleeding.

The bleeding is normal and yes it will stop and heal up. I personally prefer to keep a bleeding open wound covered to help the bleeding to stop and so it won't get infected. If you apply a salve, be sure it is new, not a salve that you have put your fingers in. I folded a clean tissue to get a dab of Vaseline, then applied it and a new band aid, and changed the Bandaid four times so far.

If it does not appear to be healing up in ten days I would call the office and ask if it needs to be seen again .

MSNik 11-15-2018 12:01 PM

Re: Excision question
Pre cancerous or not, unless they get all of the cells out- you still have a risk of this developing into something. I would get a second opinion on this one. As far as the healing time goes..some antibiotic ointment for a few days along with a bandaid to keep it from oozing/ bleeding- it should be scabbing within 3-5 days. I would be more concerned about what they plan on doing with this precancerous area right now...I would be getting another opinion.

I went through something like this with a derm 5 years on my back which she kept saying was nothing. I couldn't see it, but my husband said it was getting darker and changing shape. After the 2nd year and 4th checkup where I was told it was fine- my husband blew up and forced me to get a second opinion elsewhere. Turned out to be stage 4 Melanoma...I had MOHS surgery, where they take it off in layers until all the margins are clear. My husband's insisting I get it checked could have saved my life...the doctor who kept telling me it was "nothing" is still in business..go figure.

Get it checked again. Dont wait...precancerous is not something to ingnore.

Titchou 11-15-2018 06:48 PM

Re: Excision question
Did she say it had clear margins? If not, I'd be asking. I had a mole removed that turned out to be abnormal so they did a punch biopsy (punched a hole all the way out past the margins). It was clear so I was good to go. I'd call and ask for more info.

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