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shaneyswank1 11-22-2020 10:10 PM

barely 28, stage 3 melanoma, scared
hi there.

not sure if i am at the right place. i am just kind of freaking out. i just turned 28. i had an ugly mole i wanted removed and my pcp did it for me on 11/13/2020. i wasn't expecting the call i got on Tuesday, 11/17/2020. i have melanoma.

my pcp immediately had me meet with an oncologist the next day. the day after that she had me do a PET/CT scan. the day after that, the surgeon had me come in and he told me it metastasized to my axillary lymph nodes and i need to have some or potentially all removed.

i have an MRI tomorrow, Monday, 11/23/2020. my oncologist seems to be concerned about something called ulceration and my depth and mitosis that it may have spread to my brain? hopefully not.

i have surgery for a wide excision and lymph node biopsy and removal on Wednesday 11/25/2020. then i start something called immunotherapy every two weeks for a year?

they said they don't know my level of stage 3, but they pretty made it clear its not good.

i am scared and terrified. i live alone in my apartment. my family is as active as they can be with covid stuff. but other people keep asking me how long i have to live? i don't know how to answer that. is my life on life? i under stand stage 3 is bad, right? idk what to do or how to explain to my friends. is it as serious as it is seeming?

i am very scared.


MarilynH 11-24-2020 10:39 AM

Re: barely 28, stage 3 melanoma, scared
I am so sorry that you have to go through this! I'm baffled as to why anyone would ask you how long you have to live? You have to look at this as a big bump in the road that you WILL get over and you will go on to live a good life! I've read a lot of books on this subject and the doctors agreed..the WISE doctors... that patients with the most positive attitudes did the best when recovering. Also, the doctors said that many doctors don't say anything about your diet really. Cut out ALL sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. A sugar solution is what they inject into us when they do the PET scans. The sugar they inject causes the body to light up like neon lights... showing how it excites the cancer and that's how they are able to see where the cancer is. STOP all sugar. STAY STRONG!! You are bigger than this cancer! KICK IT TO THE CURB! :)

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