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irisrose 02-16-2005 01:25 PM

Does this even sound like a mole?
I just noticed something on my toe, the one right next to my little toe. It's a very faint brown, very small spot. At first I thought it might be dirt or something, but it didn't rub off. I looked closely at it and it looks like a mole but doesn't look like a mole. Most of my moles are pigmented on the surface of the skin. This looks like it's under the skin, not on the surface. I was walking around outside about 2-3 days ago wearing thongs. The weeds were poking into my feet around my thongs. Could I have stabbed my toe with a dried stick and made a mark or bruise? I have an appt. with the dermatologist only because it's on my toe towards the inside and because it's new. I've never had any atypical moles or melanomas. But my sister had one removed 6yrs ago. So I try to be conscious of the moles I have.

Does this even sound like a mole to you? And if it appeared it would have appeared just within the last couple of days. I clipped my toenails that same day after walking around outside and didn't see it. That's what makes me think it's from a stick, but I'm just very paranoid about melanoma. Just needed some ideas.


FearfuL 02-22-2005 05:32 PM

Re: Does this even sound like a mole?
Doesn't sound like a mole to me, but it's good you're getting checked out.

Even if it were anything serious, the fact that it only showed up within the past couple days (or past week since your post) makes it seem as though there will be a good prognosis.

Let us know what it was when you find out.

FearfuL 04-21-2005 06:46 AM

Re: Does this even sound like a mole?
Heya, iris. Just curious what the verdict on this one was?

irisrose 04-27-2005 07:09 AM

Re: Does this even sound like a mole?
Everything is fine. Thanks for asking Fearful!

I went in to have it [I]removed[/I]. The physicians asst. agreed. But what she did was do a tiny shave biopsy. The results came back inconclusive because there was only calous cells. So I had to go back and she did the punch biopsy. Then we had to talk to the billing dept. to make them write off one of the visits. Why should I have to pay for her mistake of not doing what I asked in the first place. That's been resolved.

Now - I don't know if it's age or what, but I have one on my back that has been itchy now for about 2 wks. I've been watching to see if it was just dry skin in that area, but it's a damned mole! This time I'm going to my family practice dr. because she'll just remove it for me. If I go back to the derm, they'll probably just tell me it's nothing. We're switching derms. This one is a little too arrogant in her "all knowingness".

Thanks again for asking. I'll update on this new biopsy. I'm really getting tired of these moles. I'd like to have each and everyone of them removed.

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