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clancy 07-12-2001 11:05 AM

Efudex -- does it work?
My husband and I both have had basal cell and his doctor is recommending Efudex. I have read some data on it, but wanted the opinion of someone who is (or has) using it. I have read it is painful and that one's skin is downright ugly during usage. True?

tomtink 07-27-2001 02:11 PM

I have had several skin cancers removed by surgery. My doctor now has me do a treatment with Efudex every second year. This greatly lessons the number of lesions to be frozen, and has lessened the surgical to only one cancer in three years. To answer your question, yes there is som pain. For me it is so slight that I would trade it any time to getting these lesions frozen off. It does turn my arms and face an ugly mottled red. This only lasts for ten days to two weeks. I hope that both of you are doing everything that you can to avoid futher exposure to the sun.

clancy 07-27-2001 08:15 PM

Thank you for your reply! That's good information.

Yes, we are REALLY trying to stay out of the sun, and when we don't (we do golf), we play late in the day and wear plenty of SPF.

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