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wasley81 09-23-2009 02:15 AM

Is my Melanoma comming back?
Hello people,

I'm 27 and had a superficial spreading melanoma in situ (about the size of a british 5p) removed from the back of my leg about 6/8 weeks ago now.

I have my 1st check up tommorrow and i'm a bit worried its coming back, does any one know how i would tell?

My scar is a very dark purple colour in some places and when i run my finger over it the colour doesn't change.

Also when ever I run i have a pain in my groin left side right at the stop of my left leg.I'm worried my cancer might have spread to my lymth notes, they don't seem inflamed just a bit painful when i run.

Has anyone here had a early stage melanoma come back?

Chele60 09-23-2009 08:09 AM

Re: Is my Melanoma comming back?

You say your melanoma was in situ? That would mean you would have been staged at 0, correct? And your melanoma would have been caught very early. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Typically, a melanoma must grow to a certain depth in the skin tissue to be picked up by the lymph system and reach the lymph nodes. This is why the Breslow - or thickness of a melanoma plays such an important role. If the melanoma has not grown to such a thickness as to potentially reach the lymph system, the theory is that the melanoma is very centralized. And you state you had a superficial spreading melanoma versus nodular. This means the melanoma spreads over the skin. Nodular melanoma grows down into the skin. Big difference.

Normally, if melanoma has spread to the lymph nodes, pain is not the major indicator. Swelling is the major indicator for this. If melanoma had spread, you would notice sizeable swelling in the lymph nodes in your groin area.

Now, I had a melanoma removed from my left knee. It was nodular, .7 mm thickness, stage IB. I have a very nice scar accenting that knee as a reminder, and after 2 1/2 years, it has faded somewhat to a lovely shade of pinky/lavendar. I don't run, I walk. I like to participate in 5K walks for charities, so I do like to train by walking long distances several times a week and I usually try to walk briskly. And sometimes I get a certain pain in the left groin area. Yes, some days it can be worrisome. (Is it cancer? Is it coming back?) But usually when I remember to take the time to stretch properly before I take off, and remember to walk properly, the pain isn't there at all. Now, naturally, I do self-skin checks, I check my own lymph nodes, and I see my dermatologist and physician regularly.

My personal advice to you would be the same. Make certain you are properly stretching before each run (I do know I get tremendously lazy with this!), practice proper running techniques, and do your own skin checks. Do speak to your doctor when you see him/her about your concerns. Open communication with your health care professional can never be a bad thing. I'm your physician will explain things more in depth than I've done.

Trust me, as you move forward, you will certainly become an experty with all of this!

Good luck to you, and good for you that you've caught this early!

wasley81 09-28-2009 08:07 AM

Re: Is my Melanoma comming back?
Thanks you for your reply.
I have now had my 1st check up and the docs seems to think that all is normal, so i'm much happier.
They did find 2 other moles that look fine but they advised me they need to remove them as they have all the classic signs and could change one day.
I understand I have cought this pretty much as early as it can be cought, I should think my self lucky really.
If anyone is reading this and is thinking about getting a mole checked.....JUST DO IT, i'm so luck I got it checked, it didn't have any of the classic signs, it just was a bit big and a bit dark, things could have been so much worst if i had not have got it checked
Even tho I know they is not much chance it could have spread, it all a bit new and i'm still a bit worrried it might pop up some where that can't be treated.
any way thanks once again.

Oleander53 09-28-2009 07:27 PM

Re: Is my Melanoma comming back?
Wasley, Sounds like your scar maybe Keloiding. That is it gets thick and purple. Just means your body is overly healing. My daughter had a scar do that. It does not hurt anything. I am glad your checkup went good. You are being proactive. Your fears are very common. I have Bowen's, had squamous cell, basal cell and combo scc and bcc, no melanoma yet but have a very strong family history so I am checked often.

My Dad had 6 Melanomas from age 48 to age 94. So you see you can live a long life with Melanoma if caught early.

Stay on top of it, get your checkups and educate others. Good luck now.


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