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gypsi 05-26-2011 01:35 PM

Normal Round Mole that when touching feels like a blister
I am in my late 30's and I have a medium size(1-2cm) mole that seemded to show up a few years ago on my butt (upper part near "the cracK"). When I sit down I do not sit on it. How imbarrassing for

It itched and became a little inflammed off and on in the past. I mistaked it for an an ant bite a few times(Florida ants). It LOOKS normal at first glance but it FEELS odd to touch. It is medium brown color. If you look closely....UNDER the first/top very thin layer of skin that is covering it there are some variations of brown or beige ( - top layer is somewhat transparent and can be moved around like a blister covering). ..... I had a couple of close family members look at it for me.

I cannot see it very well at all with location but to me It feels like a blister with a SUPER THIN and wrinkly layer of skin over the base. I know it used to be flat and smaller.

I went to have it looked at by a local dermatologist. She said it looked normal as she LOOKED at it briefly for a couple seconds during a full skin check. She did not touch it at all, take a closer look at it, take a picture of it or biopsy it. I told her that there seems to be some kind or fluid inside of the raised portion and she argued that there was not and it was normal.

Well, I was determined to find out myself what was inside the "bubble" as this has been a "pain in the butt" literally.

So, when I got home after the Derm. visit I decided to POKE the super TOP THIN LAYER of it very gently whith a small needle (used match and rub. alchohol). This was similar to when you have an annoying small blister to drain. After the very tip of the needle went in (no pain at all), drops of red blood came out.

What should I do? Is a second opinion necessary or am I overly concerned?


Mommyoftwo82 02-18-2012 06:31 PM

Re: Normal Round Mole that when touching feels like a blister
Did you ever find anything else out? I have the same thing I think but on my side (where the side of your bra goes). It isn't rubbing as it is in the middle of where it goes but I know this mole was smaller and never had this blister like coating to it.

lua447 02-24-2012 09:48 PM

Re: Normal Round Mole that when touching feels like a blister
Go with your gut and get a second opinion. Not all skin cancers look alike. I've had basal cell carcinomas that looked different from each other and most recently had something that looked like actinic keratosis that turned out to be melanoma. One dermatologist told me it was nothing, the next did a biopsy and saved my life. Any good dermatologist will biopsy it to err on the side of caution. My derm has a reputation of doing biopsies on EVERYTHING. He did that for me and saved my life.

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