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runnerwriter 11-26-2011 02:02 PM

dark mole suddenly turning red
I have always had a dark small mole on my left wrist, under the spot where I wear a watch.
A few days ago it started to turn reddish. I called to see if I could get in to see my derm but the earliest appointment was months away. I didn't tell the receptionist about the mole.
Anyway, it is now reddish/purplish and looks completely different than it did a week ago. I don't know if maybe my watch irritated it or if it had been changing for a while and I didn't notice it under my watch.
I'm in my early 50's.
Thanks for any advice. I took a pic and can post it if that's what you do!

jennybyc 11-26-2011 05:32 PM

Re: dark mole suddenly turning red
Call back to the derms office and tell them what the problem is and ask to be seen by someone just to verify it isn't a problem. Sometimes a regular mole will just get irritated and bleed so put a bandaid over it for now. But tell them. That is what my hubby's derm said to do if any of his moles start to look strange as he's had one that turned out to be early melanoma and he had delayed getting in by saying....he didn't want to tell the receptionist why he needed to come in earlier. Seems everyone says the same thing....I didn't want to say why....they are used to people calling back and know what..I should have told you why so here goes....and the say why. At least they can put you on the emergency list in case of a cancellation.

But you should have it checked even if they have a PA or nurse who can look at it and tell you if it needs to be seen and cared for ASAP or can wait a few months.


PS...took me 8 months to get in to see a PA....doc was a 10 month wait....why???????

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