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Pens'nChalk 07-12-2012 07:38 PM

learning about melanoma
I've been studying about multiple sclerosis for the past five years, but now I'm dealing with melanoma, and feel as though I am starting all over again.

I'm confused by some of the terminology: the word primary has not been used by my dermatologist, nor by my surgeon.

I've had one large area excised as superficial melanoma, about as round as the rim of a coffee cup, and closed with more than 50 sutures in a Z shape. That was six weeks ago.

I went to the dermatologist again this week, and he found more suspicious sites, and biopsied two of them. Again, one came back melanoma. I'll be back to see the surgeon for removal next week.

No one has mentioned oncology to me. Is that unusual?

How do you respond to people who say "Glad you're going to have it removed." Do I say thank you? Do I say anything?

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