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sunnymom4 11-02-2012 09:51 PM

Not sure what to expect for my Mom...
She had this strange spot on her nose that grew quite large within 2 weeks and also hurt. She went to the doctor and they removed most of it and sent it up for diagnosis. Before she even got the results the spot had grown back bigger then before. The results came back for it being skin cancer but not melanoma. She was supposed to have the spot removed this past Wednesday (results came back on Saturday... so that's pretty fast to get an appoint I figure). But, when she saw that doctor he said that it was growing too fast and removing it would leave too big of a hole and would need skin grafting to repair (and higher infect risk). The plan of action is to have radiation everyday for 3 weeks.

Apparently this type of skin cancer does not usually spread through the body but I am concerned about how fast its growing. Or am I worrying about nothing here? Is it common for skin cancers to grow that fast?

Also, she is elderly (84), otherwise in good health. What should we expect with the radiation side-effects wise, considering her age?

nyiaca12 11-29-2012 08:49 PM

Re: Not sure what to expect for my Mom...
What are they saying it is? Because, no skin cancer does not grow that fast, at least from my experience and all that I've read.

Again, what do they say it is? BCC?

If the doctor recommends not having surgery, that is good. Surgery can lead to complications and scarring and worse.

I don't know much about radiation, but that has consequences also.

Sorry, but it does sound like the doctor is taking her health and appearance into consideration. Many doctors would just cut it out and not worry about the outcome.

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