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cinnamongym 11-10-2012 12:58 AM

How fast can skin cancer develop
I recently noticed a mole on my back that looks different than any other mole on my body. It's dark, two toned color, shiny, and almost looks like a blood blister is sitting on top of the mole. It's on my back and not in an area that could have easily been scratched. I noticed it the other day while trying on clothes at a store, and my boyfriend commented on it this morning, saying he didn't remember seeing that spot before. I know I need to go to the doctor to have it looked at, but I just had a full skin examination by a dermatologist two weeks ago, and she didn't see anything suspicious.

Is it possible for melanoma (or other skin cancers) to pop up so quickly, that my dermatologist didn't notice it two weeks ago?

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