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Net2DaHoop 04-20-2004 01:20 AM

stomach cancer - ?? feedback please!
I'm a 19 y/o female in what I would have considered great health a couple months ago.

Before anything else started to happen, I started getting extremely tired, to the point where some nights I would sleep 16 hours straight, then 12 more after a bathroom break. During the week I sleep about 6-8 hours a night, and always take a nap during the day too. I still feel exhausted.

Approx two weeks later after the onset of exhaustion, I started having incredibly sharp pain behind my ribs on the left side of my abdomen that stretched toward the area just above my belly button. That persisted for a couple days, exacerbating when I ate food, and then after a couple days of pain, I started throwing up blood, and was extremely nautious (sp?) otherwise.

I went in to see a physician who did some blood tests and other analyses and diagnosed my condition as an ulcer. I was put on pepsid, a couple of inhibitor medications for ulcers, and antibiotics for the H. pylori in my blood.

My condition got better for about 3 weeks or so, then the same thing started happening. I couldnt keep any food down, I was throwing up blood, and in incredible pain. On top of losing most of my food, I didn't have much of an appetite either... in fact, I still don't have much of one.

My parents came out to see me, and I was admitted to the hospital for some tests. They did an endoscopy, upper GI, complete blood count (CBC), and colonoscopy. The endoscopy looked a little abnormal in a couple of patchy areas, so they took some tissue to send to the lab for a biopsy (*I am currently awaiting the results of the biopsy*). The upper GI looked normal, but they told me that depending on whether or not the biopsy came back normal, I may have to get the test done again (this time having them pump air into my stomach, too). My CBC revealed that I am anemic (lower than the slightly anemic levels you'd expect in menstruating females), and that I have type A blood (I'm not sure why that makes a difference, but I read somewhere that type A gives you a genetic predisposition - moreso than other blood types, anyway - of developing stomach cancer). The colonoscopy was 100% normal.

I have H. pylori bacteria, type A blood, stomach indigestion, loss of appetite, weakness/fatigue, and am experiencing a lot of pain just below my ribs on my front left side...... my stomach is bleeding, and I'm miserable.

--> how likely is it that I have stomach cancer? the doctor I went to see mentioned multiple ulcers, liver disease, or stomach cancer to me as possibilities for why I haven't been feeling great lately.

--> If I do, in fact, have stomach cancer... what are some of the ways of handling and combatting it? After I hear the results of the biopsy, and the answer is yes, what is in store for me?

I am SO anxious to hear back from the lab with my test results, I'm practically driving myself crazy just thinking about any of those three possibilities. I would greatly appreciate any encouragement, feedback, etc., while I am still waiting.

Thank you SO much!

KrFr 05-07-2004 02:13 PM

Re: stomach cancer - ?? feedback please!
Sweetie, I am 49 and waiting on lab results for a lesion found on endoscopy also. They found 3 precancerous polyps on my colonoscopy and I waited for weeks for those results. I believe that the waiting is the hardest part for many of us but , of course, I haven't gotten really bad results yet so the waiting could be one of the easiest for all I know. I hope your results will put your mind and ease and that they will be able to get you some help with your symptoms. Let us hear what you find out, okay? And luck be with you as well.

clairey21 05-08-2004 08:18 AM

Re: stomach cancer - ?? feedback please!
im sorry to hear you are so unwell!
i have functional dyspepsia a chronic stomach disorder so i know how fustrating it can be!!
But i seriously doubt u have cancer, as stomach cancer is sooo rare at your age! i even went through thinking i had it too!

Have you thought of gastritis?? that sounds very likely considering what u r describing! its inflamation of the stomach lining and causes all the symtoms u describe even vomiting blood! as the lining is soo damaged.
Hpylori is a bug which causes things like gastritis and ulcers, gastritis can take a long time to clear but it is curable (unlike my condtion)
Antibiotics tend to be less effective in time so i would seriously consider taking a herb called mastic gum for a few months! it has been found excellant in ridding the body of hpylori! and will be a very good move for you :) aloe vear juice may help calm the pain too and mabie stop the vomiting if the pain is calmed down!

Let me know how you get on and if you need any help with where to get mastic and other suppplements, or just advice! i have become a wizz with stomach disorders!! :)

Write soon :)

Net2DaHoop 05-09-2004 02:59 AM

Re: stomach cancer - ?? feedback please!
KareFree and clairey21, thank you for your responses. I posted this almost 3 weeks ago when I was still anticipating the results. I was diagnosed with stage 1A gastric cancer, and I was given the option to finish the last couple weeks of my semester out before undergoing surgery. Surgery itself was a few days ago, and it was by large a success. I've still got a round of radiation to go through. Thank you again for the responses, and I wish you both the best as well.


clairey21 05-09-2004 04:06 AM

Re: stomach cancer - ?? feedback please!
Im glad the surgery went so well! i really do hope it has got rid of all the cancer! i just thought it was so rare for someone your age to have it! they say it is anyway, but i suppose rare doesnt mean non existant. I am so sorry to hear that and i wish you lots of luck in getting better!!!
claire x

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