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Live-Life-to-Love 04-22-2006 01:24 PM

Stomach ache after eating - hernia / gastritious or stomach cancer?
I have a dull stomach ache (for a few days now) after eating...this happened last year at about the same time. I had a Endoscopy last year and was told I had a hiatal hernia and some gastritious. I was sent home with Prevacid. I also have been having periods of severe nauciousness out of the blue recently. SO I am a bit concerned now.

Since this pain is back I really don't want to go back to the same MD. He was actually playing a computer game while talking to me in his office and stopped our conversation short while taking a call from his toddler son. Needless to say, I was shocked but was in pain and had no other option at the time.

I want to go see another Gastro and will. But in the meantime, I wonder, could I have stomach cancer that this jerk didn't see? I mean he did do an Endoscopy less than a year ago....I have to trust that he was/is correct and it's just my hernia and/or gastritious acting up.

Any feedback would be great.

StephanieAnne 04-22-2006 07:31 PM

Re: Stomach ache after eating - hernia / gastritious or stomach cancer?
I get the same stomach ache but it does not last as long as your has, I also went to a GI had the upper endoscopy, yep large hiatal herina, sent home with medicine to help the food pass thru my stomach.

I started having this pain back in 2001, I then had surgery for removal of a 3 lb fibroid tumor, the stomach pain went away, 2003 pain back again, then I had surgery for a partial hysterectomy [ had another fibroid] a hernia repair [from the 1st surgery incision] and a tummy tuck!!! the stomach pain went away. Now, I get the pain and I have been associating it with foods like cheese, and milk, mostly dairy products give me that pain, so I have stopped eating those foods

So notice what you are eating, maybe you can associate that pain with a specific food? Maybe your primary care dr can help you without going back to the GI. I don't know anything about stomach cancer, but don't stress over something you may not even have and maybe thinking you have that is causing stress to cause the stomach pain?? :confused:

Be happy don't worry :D

Live-Life-to-Love 04-22-2006 10:29 PM

Re: Stomach ache after eating - hernia / gastritious or stomach cancer?
Thanks StephanieAnne....your reply was very thoughtful.

I know I should not worry about something that I probably don't have...but it's hard not to worry. It's just my nature.

Any painI get I think it's bad, bad , bad.....because there is always something with me. I just can't catch a break.

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