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madmax68 06-02-2012 12:52 PM

Could this be stomach cancer?
Hi all,

I am a man 44 y.o from Italy. From last december i am suffering from different disorders. It all started with a panic like attack..i was feeling nauseous and all my body was shaking. I was not able to eat because of costant nausea and also i could not sleep more than two hours per night. The symptoms also included alternate constipation and diaharrea sense of bloating after eating and mild cramps in the stomach/belly. Ever since i have seen two different Gastroentherologist that diagnosed me with irritating bowel sindrome associated with a gastritis due to stress. Since a forthnight i am also experiencing a sense of heaviness under my sternum (chest bone) and i feel a vague sense of nausea when i have to eat. At the end i manage to finisch my meals but i just feel like a sensation of a knot in my throath associated with mild nausea and a mild sensation of being full after eating. I don't have any heartburn nor vomiting and i don't have black tarry stools even though sometimes i can see traces of food and some mucus. My fear is to have stomach cancer even though my doctor says that should be very uncommon at my age because such an illness is common from averagely age 55 on. He also prescribed me a cycle of Levosulspiris (procinetic) and told me that if in 45 days is not gone he will perform an endoscopy. The fact that i have difficulty sleeping, also aims me toward a stress related issue.But the fear of being affected by astomach cancer is eating literally my brain and i cannot find peace of mind. What do you think. Could according to your experience my symptoms be associated with a cancer?

Thanks in advance and excuse my poor English

Buzzy523 06-03-2012 05:17 PM

Re: Could this be stomach cancer?
Has your gastro doctor or your family physician suggested a colonoscopy or an endoscopy. Having these tests would rule out or show cancer. Having these tests and getting good results would also put your mind to rest. Talk with both of your doctors.

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