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rdcamero 09-14-2003 07:30 PM

Can you have testicular cancer for 13 years
HiI know this may sound dumb but I have a couple small hard lumps in my scrotum for about 13 years.They started out about half the size of a pea.Over the years they have got to be about the size of a pea now.They are not attached to the testicle but are down below them on cord like structures.I have not thought much about this until recentley but have been felling bad in general with some lymp node swelling lately.I am a little scared but i believe if it was cancer it would have grown faster and caused problems before 13 years had passed.Please tell me what you think.I have a doctors appointment for 9/16/03 to put me at ease.

ED123 09-15-2003 01:16 PM

Good luck with the appointment tomorrow.

Since you have had it for 13 years though I doubt it is anything serious.
You would have not lived that long if indeed it was cancer.

Do you have check-ups regularly ?

rdcamero 09-15-2003 03:24 PM

Thanks.I have not brought this part up with the doctor yet.I have been to the doctor a few times for what i think is a infection.One said i had allergies and gave me some stuff for them but it did not seen to help.I went to a ear and nose doctor who said i had a sinus infection and gave me antibiotics for five days.That got me feeling better but i started to feel bad again a couple weeks after taken them.I think that may be the cause of the lymp node swelling.Any advice on how to get them to give me a long enough dose of antibiotics to see if this will clear part of my problem up.All they ever want to give me is five days worth which just does seem to cut it.

sdp2 09-15-2003 03:27 PM

If you had testicular cancer, you would have been dead a long long time ago. But you should still have it checked out.

ED123 09-17-2003 10:31 AM

rd camero.

Whenever I go to the doctor I bring up any problems or anything I may be concerned with and I feel a whole lot better after.

If your lymph nodes in your kneck that are swollen the doctor should know that through a regular check-up, because they check there.

but if you are worried about the testicles, just ask him to check, dont feel embarassed, the doctor has seen so many penises, its like a regular routine for them, they dont make anything out of it.

One test you could do is check down there and feel if any of those bumps or things in your sack are very hard, if they are hard, then you might want to look into it further.

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