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Afraid that I may have testicular cancer (very long, but please read)...

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Old 01-30-2014, 04:57 PM   #1
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Darkwing HB User
Afraid that I may have testicular cancer (very long, but please read)...

Here is my story. I'm currently in my late 30's, but when I was in my early teens, I simultaneously had hernia surgery (located in my scrotum on the right side) and a surgery for a varicocele (located right above my left testicle). I had a very long scrotum at the time, and I remember seeing a cap-shaped structure on the back of my left testicle. My mother figured that it was associated with the varicocele surgery, and I soon forgot about it. Whether or not that is connected to my current problem, I don't know.

Years have passed, and I never checked my testicles for lumps or anything. Never even looked at them, despite feeling pains now and then. I did notice six years ago that my left testicle seemed to be bigger in the back, but I figured it was a back up of semen since I had started watching pornography but never masterbate. I get yearly physicals, and the only thing my doctor has said about my testicles is that they hang lower than other guys. He tapped at the big area of my left testicle years ago, but said nothing about it. Although he did comment that my epididymis was inflamed above both testicles (I have two lumps above both testicles, and they are always there).

Eight months ago, I experienced explosive pain in my left testicle (and it temporarily became very big) while watching porn, and that is when my cancer fear started. The more I read online about testicular cancer, the more afraid I got. And the more afraid I got, the more I started checking my testicles- which I regret ever doing. For the first time ever, I took a good look at the big area behind my left testicle. It's a lump, located in the center. Sometimes it feels sharp, sometimes it's big and hangs past my testicle, sometimes sore to the touch, and sometimes it's squishy. If I let my left testicle rest on a flat surface, the lump spreads out, like a balloon with a point on the end (but it feels like flesh). Sometimes the back of my testicle sticks to my leg now, and the back of my scrotum stretches out- I won't see a lump, only a cord that gets tangled and eventually straightens back out.

I thought it could be a hernia, but I doubt it, because only the back of the left testicle gets big. I keep thinking that it's sexually related- I used to always notice the lump and feel pain while watching porn, and I never masterbate (yes I know it's stupid). And when I watch porn now, the lump temporarily gets bigger. And of course, I constantly think it's cancer. But realistically, I've had this thing for over six years!

I've been very worried for eight months now. One night I couldn't even sleep. I think about it more than anything else, and feel it more than I ever did. If it's epididymitis or a cyst. I'll deal with the occasional itching, and occasional discomfort and pain that I feel while I'm sitting down. If it's a hernia, I'll get the surgery. But cancer??? I can't deal with that. I'm skinny as it is- no way I can handle weight loss from chemo. I don't want to lose a testicle when I haven't even used the thing (I'm a virgin). I don't want to worry my mother, who has health issues of her own. I'm probably going to wait until my physical in April, and see what my doctor says, but I want your opinion...

What do you think is wrong with me? Do you think I have cancer?

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Re: Afraid that I may have testicular cancer (very long, but please read)...

From reading your post you say that the time you feel the lump is only when you get sexually aroused. Then this is not consistent with cancer. However, I had T-cancer back in 95, instead of a lump by testicle began to swell. At first I was told it was an infection they gave me meds and the pain went away. The only problem is that the swelling never went down. Later had to have my left boy removed and went through four rounds of chemo. MAKE SURE YOU GET CHECKED.
To be sure it is not cancer I would visit a doctor and let him look at the problem. (you do have some type of problem) also ask the doctor, for cancer sake, to give you a blood test for tumor markers which will consist of a beta-HCG test. Some young men are nervous about going to the doctor pulling their pants down and letting the doctor feel you up. Wish I had everything to do over again I would not have waiting so late to get checked.

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shucky ducky
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shucky ducky HB User
Re: Afraid that I may have testicular cancer (very long, but please read)...

Im a 43 year old man and going thru something similar right now. About 2 weeks ago, I found a small lump on the inside of my scrotum on the back of my left testicle. A few days later, I started to feel a dull aching in my scrotum. I have no discharge, no swelling, no pain while urinating, no pain during an erection or intercourse. Only pain doing normal stuff. Some days worse than others. It's not so painful that I need pain pills but it's very noticeable. And my left testicle also moves to the the back of my scrotum, which, of course, feels like something is tugging on my scrotum. I went to the doctor to get my urine tested a few days ago (still waiting on results) and I'm going to have an ultrasound done on my scrotum in a few days.

I'm irritated because most of the information I'm finding on the net with my particular symptoms are either geared towards young boys or much younger men. So I really don't know what to think. I know it's not an STD and I don't think I have cancer. I'll just be glad to get thru this week so I can find out what's going on.

And never ever be nervous about letting a doctor check your testicles. This is not about sex. It's about saving your life.

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shucky ducky
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shucky ducky HB User
Re: Afraid that I may have testicular cancer (very long, but please read)...

After an ultrasound and a visit to the urologist, I was diagnosed with a epididymal cyst, which, unless it grows larger, is pretty much harmless. It will hopefully dissolve on it's own. Sometimes they don't. Its just something you have to deal with using over-the-counter pain medications. I was lucky! Men, don't assume anything. When you feel that something is not right with your testicles or scrotum, stop being a baby, be proactive and go see a doctor!!!! We as men have to be more responsible and proactive when it comes to our overall health. I've found out things about men's health over the last few days doing research on the net that I never knew about because the media and the medical community does not focus on men's health. Most of what we read and hear is geared towards women. So, men, we have to give up watching a couple of football games and educate ourselves on our health issues.

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Erik Rivera
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Erik Rivera HB User
Wink Re: Afraid that I may have testicular cancer (very long, but please read)...

Easy to check if you have the worst of possible testicular cancers. Embyronal cancer, high malignant, spreads fast up your body. Best to be caught early and removed. Embryonal cancer gives of a specific hormone, HCG, same as when women get pregnant, so a quality home pregnancy test will tell you if your positive on that end. 2nd, you can have AFP, alpha feta protein marker test to also check for active cancer. There are labs around that you can walk into, ask for an AFP level test or have your doctor call in an order, it's blood work. If those are negative I would still have a sonogram done on your testicular sack/nuts to see whats going on. Maybe a sports injury. I thought I had been hit to many times in soccer, told a urologist, he checked me, order a sonogram, I lost one but other is fine and was caught so early I never had any other kind of treatments other than tests for 5 years.

Survival rate among men with testicular cancer is 99.9% no matter the stage. Be strong and get checked out asap. not later

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