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binss 05-11-2016 11:58 AM

Really feared
I have have been experiencing some scary symptom for several months for now. I have many symptoms like throat irritation, eye pain, head back side pain chest and stomach pain, arthritis, teeth sensitivity and dark urine. all my test are normal, cbc blood creatine, ecg, lever and kidney function, h pylori, chest xray ,ultra sound,laryngoscopy,urine culture and sensitivity,thyroid,blood sugar,blood pressure, cholesterol,hiv ,hsv1 and2,vdrl,tpha,gonorea,chlamidea,hepatet is a,b, chlamidophilo pneaumoniae result was positive.I have already treated for pneumonia.but my symptom have stii one year.i am worried that this could be brain tumour.any further test do I need/which tests are accurate?

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