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1uvakindmom 10-05-2011 09:08 PM

Thyroidectomy recovery?
I am going to be getting a partial thyriodectomy done for a suspicious nodule and am just curious about recovery time from those of you who have had this done before. I am in a part-time nursing program and will be done december 6th. I go to school tues and weds. If I get the surgery done on a Thursday (only day he does it), would I be ok to go back to school the next tues (5 days later)? I am also a single mom of three little boys (7, 5, and 2), so my sitting support is limited. I will have my mom to watch them on the days I am in the hospital (a thursday and come home friday). Will I be ok to take care of my sons after only being home for 1/2 a day? I dont really have any other support. i have a few friends, but they all have kids and cannot really help. My family all lives far away. Ty!!!

iggymurphy 10-17-2011 12:03 PM

Re: Thyroidectomy recovery?
I really wasn't up to playing and picking up the kids until 2 weeks after a total thyroidectomy. The hardest part is they dont understand...even if you tell them to be carefull. They want to hug and tackle you.

My girls are 2 and 3. They both insisted on bandaids on their necks when I got home. I just wanted to sleep for the first 4 days or so...and I didn't take any pain killers. After that I was OK, but very tired. At 2.5 weeks later my neck is still a bit sore, but I did chase after them this weekend.

You will be fine going back to school but you will need help with the kido's for the first 2 weeks. Can you afford to send them to daycare for the first week after your mom leaves? The 5 and 7 year old will be able to listen and understand but that 2 year old will be all over you. :)

bella1176 10-26-2011 02:07 PM

Re: Thyroidectomy recovery?
I had a total thyroidectomy Sept 12th. I wasnt up to doing anything for about 2 weeks. Im not sure how this compares to a partial but when I had energy and did things I found I needed a 3 hour nap afterward. I was unable to drive until the following Monday because I couldnt turn my neck well enough to safely drive and sent my son (16 mos) to daycare until I was about 3 weeks post op. Only then did I feel I could handle a day totally alone with him. My advice is to get as much help as you can from family and friends. My incision was very tender and my son didnt understand why I couldnt pick him up. He tends to put his hand on my neck so I didnt dare until I had to and then I held him low on my hip so he couldnt reach my neck.
The hardest part for me was the total lack of energy. Good luck to you.

catnap73 10-31-2011 07:58 PM

Re: Thyroidectomy recovery?
I was lucky to be able to fly my parents over to stay with me. Could your mom stay with you for a week or 2? I'm 12 days post surgery and having good and bad days. By day 8 I was feeling almost normal but getting tired easily. Yesterday I went to play centre with my toddler and shopping but totally crashed out that night and today feel exhausted again. I'd be struggling with my kids (2 and 4) if my parents were not here helping. I can lift my 2 year old now but just in and out of car/ highchair etc. It's not a good idea to lift kids soon after surgery. My 4 year old yanked my hand few days post and it really hurt my neck. Partial might be easier but I'd recommend getting as much support ready as possible. It's hard with young kids, my friends also all have their own kids and my family are overseas, I think try and lean on your mom as much as possible, the more help you get the quicker you will recover.

sunshinie 11-01-2011 02:09 PM

Re: Thyroidectomy recovery?
I think you'll be fine going back to class after a few days, but don't overdo it with the kids. I think they told me no lifting more than 10 lbs, no bending over, and things like that. You should be fine fixing meals and doing light duties, just take it easy and get as much rest as possible so your body can heal.

I had a partial thyroidectomy (left lobe), spent one night in the hospital and came home the next day. I felt sore and weak, but not terrible. I basically didn't do much the first few days - just the basics. My kids are a little older, so they helped me quite a bit. I went back to work after one week. I ended up needing a completion thyroidectomy and neck dissection two months later, and I honestly felt better after the second surgery than I did after the first. Maybe that was simply knowing what to expect? Who knows. Good luck!

Bsheridan 11-08-2011 07:27 AM

Re: Thyroidectomy recovery?
I had a total thyroidectomy so I can't say. I would not have been able to go back that soon. It's more of a major surgery than you realize. I will tell you the one thing I wish someone had told me - the first day you won't be able to swallow. Even ice chips. I panicked but they reassured me, then, that it would go away. And by the next day it was gone. Good luck!!

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