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Chagousa 08-31-2012 11:32 AM

Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
It started about 4 months ago, felt a little lightheaded, dizzy, this happened to me in NJ, went away in about an hour, didn't think anything of it. The next day in MD, I had the same symptoms, plus some light pressure in the chest (left side). Went to the ER, and they did Blood work, EKG, and a head scan. Found nothing, they said it could be related to stress, did not find anything wrong and sent me home.
I went to the doctor in MD, I had no chest pressure or numbness at this time, but I went to check everything out. They took blood, and results came back that I had high cholesterol (230 total), they put me on Lipitor.
Then the chest numbness/pressure/discomfort appeared around this same time, don't know if it was when I started lipitor or before, but the numbness started, I would wake up and I would feel it in the morning and the entire day. Sometimes it gets worst when I sit down for too long, and it moves away from my breast area, a little down, it feels like I have an empty feeling in the chest or something hollow on it.
Went to the Cardiologist (Stress test clear, Doppler scan clear, ultrasound of heart clear), went to the Gastroenterologist (he said it was Coscochondritis, gave me Motrin to take 3 times daily). Motrin did not do much.
Feeling in the chest was the same. It would get better at night, I could sleep fine for days, but there were a few days that It was hard to sleep. After the Coscochondritis was ruled out, they did an Endoscopy, which showed a mild gastritis due to chemicals (Motrin the most probable cause). I stopped taking Motrin.
They gave me Prilosec 20mg at first, and then 40mg, in the mean time I stopped taking Lipitor because I thought that could be the cause of the feeling. The feelings started to get weaker, but every now and then I would get a bad night. One of those nights they sent me to the ER again, where they did a Nuclear stress test, and it was normal.
So I'm back to square one, went to the doc here in MD, she ordered a CT scan of my chest. Scan came back clear on my chest, but the doctor said I had a big mass in the thyroid. Nobody saw it before, I didn't even noticed it. Anyway, they did thyroid blood work which was "normal", they did an ultrasound which showed the mass, and said to be 5cm x 3cm. They did a Biopsy last week. Waiting for the results.
In the mean time after they found the mass and I was aware of it, I started to feel better about the chest, very little discomfort, but I still felt it somehow. This past weekend I felt terrible on sunday, and I even had numbness in the top of my head....started to feel a little better as the days passed, but the feeling in the chest has been getting worst again. I speak to the doctors and they say it is anxiety because of what I'm going through. It could be, they gave me Xanax to take at night.

The other big symptom I feel is palpitations at night when I go to bed, I feel my heart pounding very fast for about 1 min, then I calm down and I'm able to sleep.
any help will be appreciated. thanks

Reece 08-31-2012 03:09 PM

Re: Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
Usually symptoms from thyroid nodules/masses are actually constriction symptoms---tightness neck choking type. Sometimes these come from thyroid diseases---graves or hashimotos---too much hormone or too little which can cause symptoms---you should have your thyroid bloodwork done because that thyroid will have to come out--it's very large, and is growing into your chest likely, and can damage your vocal chords and affect swallowing and breathing. You should find a really great thyroid surgeon with tons of thyroid experience, they are usually ontorongologists/ents.

Chagousa 08-31-2012 06:12 PM

Re: Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
Thanks for the response and advise, I did get lab work done, although I don't have the actual numbers with me, the doctor ordered a TSH, T3, T4 test and results came out normal.... I am only waiting on biopsy results.
Is it true that with masses this big it is easier to get a false negative on cancer....due to the size of the mass, with the FNA they could hit a good spot in the mass?
I know that I will have to take it out, hopefully it will be soon and thanks I am looking for a doc at John hopkins hospital in MD, I hear good things about them, my PCP is from tha hospital....thanks again

Chagousa 09-04-2012 06:11 PM

Re: Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
Just a quick update,
My biopsy results are ready, doctor called me in the office, nervous, hopefully no bad news, we will see...

Chagousa 09-06-2012 07:27 PM

Re: Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
Bad news today, I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, it's the most common type, if found early enough, it's very treatable....
anyway, got the news today and trying to figure out what is next, very strange few days...
Things that worry me, is this pressure in my chest related to the cancer, I've been feeling lightheaded and mild it also related? things that I got to ask the PCP told me today when she gave me the news that these things are not related, hopefully she is speaking the truth.
later...I will keep you posted.

Lanie01 09-10-2012 02:30 PM

Re: Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
Wow!!! I have been experiencing the same thing!! I am awaiting my biopsy results which I should find out on Friday.

I have a sister who had papilliary thyroid cancer so i know the survival rate is huge. Good luck with everything. My thoughts are with you. Look forward to your next post ;)

Chagousa 01-11-2013 11:47 AM

Re: Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
So cancer is gone for now, had successful TT and neck dissection, only 0.3% of thyroid tissue was left and that should be taken care of by the RAI that I did.
Awaiting on my first 4 month check up now, which should be in March.

The chest issue is still there, I'm more worried about that now than comes and goes in intensity...not sure why, but I will find out, I have another ct scan scheduled soon and will see another doctor for a 100th opinion....we'll see, will keep you posted.

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