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beckyluvs4 10-22-2012 01:22 PM

Should I be worried?
I had an u/s done on my thyroid last week as well as blood work. My thyroid is heterogeneous in echotexture. The right lobe is 6.6x1.7x2.0cm. There is a heterogenous nodular measuring 4x6x5mm.

The left side is 5.7x19.x1.9cm. A heterogeneous prominently hypoechoeic nodule is present measuring 1.4x1.8x1.6cm. It says there is blood flow in the periphery of the structure. A second nodule is also present measuring 1.0cm in diameter.

The isthmus measures 4.2mm in thickness.

On my blood work the only thing that were flagged as high or low was my BASO% and my Free T4.

I go to the actual endo dr on Thursday. Just trying to get a little insight and feel for things before I go there. I hate waiting!! Lol


HollandAnn 11-01-2012 08:35 PM

Re: Should I be worried?
Those are large masses. Don't wait to see an endo. My daughter has a large mass (3x5) on her right lobe with other multiple nodules present as well. Her left lobe has smaller multiple nodules. Complex in nature. Thing is her dang GP wouldnt tell her anything more and the cancer centers of America said uh no...Lol
Get in here now. She couldnt get an appt for a month. 3 months at another office she tried. She'll have to have the entire thing taken out.

I would think by now, you can feel it in your throat right? Do you have any other symptoms?
What happened at your appt?

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