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RightFootMary 11-01-2008 08:46 AM

Recurrence of Endometrial Hyperplasia
Hi all - I'm 59 years old and 5 years ago I was dx with Simple Hyperplasia. Had a D&C (several polyps removed) and put on Megace. A year later had another follow-up endo biopsy and had complex hyperplasia but again no abnormal cells were found. Changed gyns and had a second D&C. No abnormal cells were ever found. After the second D&C I had two more episodes of bleeding and now have had nothing in over 3 years. I'm just wondering if anyone ever had recurrence of hyperplasia after years of nothing. I go back to see my gyn in Feb and was wondering if I should ask for another transvaginal ultrasound just to make sure everything "looks" okay at this point. I feel all my hyperplasia was just from "the change" and wacked out hormones. I could have had a hysterectomy at the time but I really didn't want one unless I absolutely had to have it or if anything had come back with abnormal cells.

Thanks for any insight.

Mary in NY:angel:

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