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arizo01 11-21-2008 08:12 PM

endometrial biopsy gone wrong
Hi there, Today I went to my ob-gyn after having an mri done that shows stable endometrial irregularity in the lower uterine segment and they suggest a biopsy. So she started the procedure and God was so painful I thought I was going to cry just right there, after trying for what it seems to me like ages she said that my cervix was too tight and she couldn't get through, despite my pain I ask her please to try harder so I wouldn't have to go through that again but after a while she said I'm getting nowhere and just stopped. She said that I could always have it done at the operating room meaning general anesthesia and when I said please no she sent me Cytotex to relax the cervix muscle and try again. Now I have to wait till I have my period and call her, take the pill the night before and get to the office the next morning, having my period she said is going to help. Now I'm terrified that the next time will be a repeat of today, I don't want to go to all that pain for nothing!!! also I'm left with bleeding, light but my pelvic zone hurts so I'm taking tylenol every 4 hours and this only for trying to get to the uterus!!! I keep reading people that go through this procedure to say is painful but quick well not mine, wasn't quick at all but yes, very very painful. Now I cry like a baby just remembering it and to think that I have to go through that again???!!! Oh gosh!!!! I don't know what to do now, I'm about to call the doctor and ask her if this would be better done at the hospital for same day surgery, I don't want it to be done at her office, I don't feel confortable being put to sleep in a clinic, I rather do it at the hospital. I don't like general anesthesia, I had surgery 2 and a half months ago for my thyroid and to think that I have to go under again I don't like it, but given the alternative, I don't know! I also need to solve this soon because I already have my deductible paid this year and if I resolve to go ahead with the procedure at the hospital I better get it done before the year ends. Any thoughts?? Please anyone any input would be greatly appreciate it!:(

arizo01 11-22-2008 01:58 PM

Re: endometrial biopsy gone wrong
The condition my ob said I had is called stenotic cercix, anyone?

diane777 11-22-2008 05:04 PM

Re: endometrial biopsy gone wrong
A stenosis is a narrowing, so I think that just means a narrow cervix. The cervix does open more during your period, and that just might do the trick combined with the drug. Can you make an agreement with the doctor that is she/he is having any trouble like last time, she/he is to STOP? That way you will have control. Then, I guess, the general anesthia will have to be what you do. I don't like having that too often either, but maybe they won't have to have you under for very long. Probably less time than getting a root canal.

I think that's a good idea to request it be done at the hospital with same day surgery. Unless there's a surgical center that's good, that's probably the best thing. Insurance companies seem to really prefer surgical centers sometimes. I had 2 surgeries done at one, and the care was EXCELLENT. Had a nurse all to myself both times.

arizo01 11-22-2008 06:34 PM

Re: endometrial biopsy gone wrong
Thank you for your response.
My ob-gyn was all the time asking me are you ok or you want me to stop and I kept telling her please continue because I wanted it to be over, she mentioned the operating room and I freaked but I'm calling on Monday and ask for alternatives, also I worry if my period comes on a friday late in the afternoon I may not have time to make the appointment for first thing monday and my period will be almost gone by then, is heavy but short, so I'm trying to see what it will be. Also she only sent me 1 tablet of cytotex and for what she told me is oral so I'm wondering will that be enough? I will ask for another one to insert vaginal, lets see what they say.:confused:

vonbon 02-09-2009 01:00 AM

Re: endometrial biopsy gone wrong
I feel soo badly for you... I know exacly what you are going through.. and yes I too cry every time they give me a Biopsy.. I would rather eat live insects than to go through that procedure.. I usually take a handful of tylenol.. and at time even the tylenol codeine.

Hugs to you!

arizo01 02-25-2009 01:39 PM

Re: endometrial biopsy gone wrong
Thank you for your reply!
I had my hysteroscopy with D&C back in December and I'm happy to tell you that nothing was wrong. I was only scar tissue from previous procedures. My doctor told me that he doesn't rely in MRI's or Ultrasounds, they don't give the exact story of what's going on. He suspected maybe polips but because it was suggested in the study and because of that too he decided to go ahead and do the procedure but his demeanor told me that I didn't needed plus he told me that he hates when they do that, suggesting other procedures that is.
I'm doing fine, my period still the same, maybe a little bit longer but no big deal, he said everything was fine and I don't have to see him till my next control.:wave:

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