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lmy 05-29-2009 08:34 AM

Other than cancer what else could it be?

So, 6 months ago I had an abnormal pap (Agcus). The doc. did a colposcopy, ultrasound and cervical biopsy. Everything looked okay. Great ...

... 6 months later ...

I have been experiencing abnormal bleeding for a while now (perhaps on and off for a few years). However, recently it's become more regular. I've consistently been getting two periods/month despite being on tricyclen (regular, not low). If I am spotting/mensturating at the time and have intercourse I bleed more heavily. My periods are quite light.

I also (on and off for maybe a year or two) have had frequent urination and a feeling of fullness, but not necessarily "bloating". The symptons are subtle but enough that I know something isn't quite right. I have gone a few times to the walk-in for a UTI and have been given antibiotic on the spot (without really investigating my urine sample). The antibiotic helps somewhat but not completely. I have had a small history of UTI's (in my early 20's).

Another thing to mention, is my hormones feel messed. My skin has been totally acting up. Every "period" (every two weeks) I totally break out; and in a way I've never broken out before. I feel moody and anxious on a regular basis.

Because of my symptoms my doc., this time around, recommended all of the above testing again and an endometrial biopsy. Which I have to say, was a bit of a shocker! - especially given that all other other procedures were somewhat intrusive but on the mild side. A very different level of discomfort!

Oh, and another thing is, I'm 29. On the young side ...

So, like most, I am afraid that it's some form of cancer ... but what are the other possibilities? Particularly given my age my doc. has mildly assured me that it's likely not cancer or precancer ... so, what else will they be looking for to explain my abnormal pap and symptoms?

Any insight would be much appreciated ... or if anyone has experienced these same results/symptoms I'd really like to know the outcome. My next appointment isn't for another 3 and half weeks ... I hate that ...

Thanks ...

lmy 06-03-2009 11:10 AM

Re: Other than cancer what else could it be?
Does anyone know if conditions such as fibroids, polyps, endometriosis,etc would cause an abnormal pap!?

herekittykitty 06-05-2009 08:54 AM

Re: Other than cancer what else could it be?
Fibroids, polyps, and endometriosis would not cause an abnormal pap. They would, however, cause heavy periods, and bleeding between periods. I'm wondering if the particular pill you are on is not the right one for you. It sounds like if you are having two periods a month, that is more of a hormonal thing and a separate issue than the abnormal pap.

Did the ultrasound show you have fibroids and polyps?

lmy 06-05-2009 02:02 PM

Re: Other than cancer what else could it be?
The ultrasound didn't seem to show anything. The lining of my uterus apparently looked good and she mentioned that maybe there was something on my ovaries (polyps) ... but she really didn't seem concerned about it. I'm going for another ultrasound next week ...

And I agree with you, I feel like it is hormonal!?... however I also remember experiencing abnormal bleeding off of the pill. And when I was younger, and on this same pill, I didn't experience any problems ... but the bleeding does seem to come at regular times (every two weeks) ...!? Curious.

There are so many pieces to this puzzle and the wait is just so frustrating. And the interent is both a blessing and a curse ...

Thanks so much for your reply.

vh90453 06-06-2009 07:45 AM

Re: Other than cancer what else could it be?
I could never take the pill, everytime I tried one I'd start bleeding. My Doctor tried different ones but i still bled. He said I was hormone sensitive (whatever that means). so I gave up on them and kept my fingers (and legs) crossed. That was when I was in my 20's. During my 30's I would at times bleed during my cycle. My Doc said it is usually hormonal at that age, and like you I felt hormonal, tender breasts etc. She said if it happens 3 months in a row she investigates it. Well it didn't but it did still happen at times. I'm now 56 and haven't menstruated for 4 years so I guess it was hormonal. However, because it's rather persistant with you I'd keep looking into it until everything nasty is ruled out and you have peace of mind.

lmy 06-08-2009 07:19 AM

Re: Other than cancer what else could it be?
thanks so much for the replies. my nerves and paranoida are settling, finally. i'm not googling symptoms and syndromes every 5 minutes! i really appreciate the reassurance. now i just wait ...


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