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shynee32 07-30-2009 04:51 PM

Risks that lead to uterine cancer

There's so much info out there, and I thought maybe you gals might have some accurate info.

I am concerned about my anovulatory history. I have been missing cycles since I was a teenager. Sometimes, I do get my period but there's no proof of ovulation-no spike in LH. As I understand it, if you shed your uterine lining each month, whether you ovulate or not, it's good for your uterus' health.

I am just concerned about uterine cancer because of my history.

I am 36, and it might be a little late to worry about the effects of being anovulatory-but if I go on a birth control pill that will regulate my cycles and ensure me to shed my lining every month(not the kind that make you skip your period), would that be a good thing? We're done having kids, so we were planning on some form of birth control anyway. And, DH hates condoms.

Any thoughts, info on this would be greatly appreciated. My levels have all been checked, and they're all normal(FSH, LH, testosterone). Don't really know why I'm anovulatory. Whether I'm skinny or not, eating well or not-doesn't seem to matter.

I'm going back to see my NP next week, and want to tell her I want to go on the pill. But, I would like to know if it would benefit me healthwise as well as being more convenient.

Thank you! You're all very courageous women.

hotel dieu 08-02-2009 05:19 PM

Re: Risks that lead to uterine cancer
Hi Shynee: from my lengthy investigations for risk factors for uterine cancer, I have found the following to be the most consistent, in the sites I have found.

Obesity, hypertension, smoking,positive family history of cancer, post menopausal bleeding, high animal fat diet.

Hope this info helps.

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