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jacal5 05-15-2010 08:35 AM

Estrogen and diet
It really upsets me to read all these posts about women who have uterine/breast cancer due to too much estrogen in their bodies, yet our food supply is poisoned with soy which raises estrogen levels in post-menopausal women, plastics are leaking PBA's which act like synthetic estrogen in the body,
and canned food is leaking toxins at 200 times the rate our government originally thought was safe! Write to your government reps and ask that soy and all toxins be eliminated from our food supply.

Throw away all plastic containers and use glass storage, and leave everything with soy and/or soy by-products on the supermarket shelf, and eat at home as much as possible, as many restaurants have changed to soy oil to eliminate trans-fats from the foods.

Cow's milk contains estrogen, and if the cow was pregnant, even more estrogen will be in the milk. I buy coconut milk now, and either use it alone, or mix it will cow's milk.

Research foods that counteract the negative effects of estrogen in our bodies, like cabbage, and incorporate them in your diets.

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