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Heather1973 12-10-2011 11:49 AM

Confused - any advise appreciated - thanks

I have just returned from hospital after having a hysteroctopy (think that's the right spelling)

I have had problems with heavy menstrual bleeding and large clots and following an internal examination, my GP advised me I had a large bulky mass in my womb. I was sent for a scan where I was informed I either had a fibroid, or a polyp or it could have been fluid in my womb and the lining was thick.

So I was referred to a Gynae who said they would perform a hysteroctopy to have a 'look' around and remove the fibroid/polyp.

I was given a prostrap injection 4 weeks ago, which I understand was to thin the lining of my womb.

I was told that it should have stopped my last period, but 3 weeks ago I started bleeding and continued to do so for 15 days.

However, following the procedure yesterday they told me that they could not find any fibroid/polyp but the lining of my womb was 8mm and they have taken a biopsy. Is this normal???

I have been told it will take a few weeks to get the biopsy results through and to will have to go back in a couple of months to discuss results with consultant.

Many Thanks x

ninamarc 12-12-2011 11:52 AM

Re: Confused - any advise appreciated - thanks
If the biopsy comes back to say it is cancer, then you need to remove it, but it also depends on the stage and they may want to do more stuff like radiation.

Unfortunately I think they probably didn't do more tests? What about the blood test cancer marker CA125? What about ovary cysts? There were many factors.

Sorry that you have to go through this. I thought the biopsy should come out in a week or weeks...
If you have kids, I think it is better that you get it out so you don't worry about it.

Make sure you follow things up with the doctors. If you don't like the process, get a second opinion.
You need to get a doctor to speed things up. Fluid in the womb may be the sign of cancer. I got fluid in mine when I had uterus cancer in 2000. I had chemo.

Take care,

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