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puskacpj 06-26-2012 07:37 AM

Thick endometrian - polyps - okay now?
Okay... I am 57 and about 2 months ago noticed very light pink on my toilet tissue. Went to gynocologist... pelvic/vaginal ultrasound showed 10 mm endormetrian stripe. Next, the worst pain EVER..... biopsy.. she had to do it 3 times to get enough tissue to test. That came back as compatible to polyps.
Just had D&C... she removed 3 polyps and had a frozen biopsy right then and did not show cancer. I assume more pathology will be done further.

Here is my concern. Did not see my left ovary in US. I am having very bad cramps and have been buying clothes with elastic because as the day goes, my abdomen increases in size. I have gas and my stomache becomes very hard and I look pregnant. There was no fluid in the US.

Can polyps and a 10 mm endometrian cause all this? I heard they can return and I'll tell you one thing FOR SURE. I will never ever allow an endometrial biopsy again. Felt like a knife. Could I still have ovarian cancer even if one ovary was seen and okay?

If this is going to recur... take it ALLLLLL out- hyterectomy.

Am I over reacting?

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