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Painful lump, very fast growing (3 days), now at 2 ish cm, PLEASE HELP I'm scared

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Old 01-02-2018, 09:22 PM   #1
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Oni2013 HB User
Painful lump, very fast growing (3 days), now at 2 ish cm, PLEASE HELP I'm scared

I'll get down to business.

I have a very painful lump on/in my labia minora. It's anterior (forward) of my vaginal opening, nearer the clitoris, and isn't the Bartholin's gland.
It is extremely uncomfortable and any movement hurts
(I have a high pain threshold - I cried when I partially (80%) tore my ACL & LCL skiing, but walked off the mountain anyways, and fell asleep during my last tattoo.. so I really mean it when I say it hurts)

Anyways, I noticed some mild painish sensations in the area early Saturday morning, but didn't pay much attention because it wasn't bad and I attributed it to my jeans pinching or something. Progressively more pain through the new year but I was distracted Monday when an ovarian cyst ruptured (I'm assuming because I have PCOS and similar things have happened on occasion before) and I bloated like Vernon Dursley's sister Maud... I could hardly breathe without the shooting pain in my abdomen spiking, so some growing discomfort in my neathers wasn't registered (also the pain meds I took for the PCOS and anti-inflammatory shot at the ER took care of it)
That was better Tuesday (yesterday), but the lump down yonder is now forefront. It's incredibly painful to wipe after using the restroom and feels like I'm using coarse sandpaper.
The lump is squishy and non-moving (for as much as I can stand to palpate it, and placement)
It's not an ingrown hair because there is no hair there
Nor has there been any trauma there (no open cuts or anything either)
It's not an STD
Is too far forward to be the Bartholin's gland
It has defined edges, is normal colored, (no white 'head' or opening anywhere)
It's gone from non-existent to nearly 2cm size in 4ish days
I've tried a hot compress, and it helps the pain from irritation to the surrounding area some, but not the lump itself

It doesn't FEEL like a pimple to me, but I'm not ruling it out either, because it's so painful to touch, I just honestly don't know.

I was in the ER Monday to be sure the bloating & pain after the cyst rupture wasn't internal bleeding or anything serious, and REALLY want to avoid going back if I can..

But I simply don't know what can be so painful and grow so fast..

Please help, and thanks

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MSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB User
Re: Painful lump, very fast growing (3 days), now at 2 ish cm, PLEASE HELP I'm scared

It might be some sort of cyst....they do hurt! You need to be seen again; not necessarily in the ER, but see if you can get a GYN appointment as soon as want to be sure that this is all it is.

I hope you feel better soon. Call the doctor and let them know you are in pain...get in at the very first available appointment so they can either drain it, or give you something to help with the pain.

I hope you feel better soon!
RRMS- dx 05

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Oni2013 (01-03-2018)
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Re: Painful lump, very fast growing (3 days), now at 2 ish cm, PLEASE HELP I'm scared

I had something similar sounding and it was a simple infection which cleared on its own(can't take antibiotics so was glad when doc said it would clear). Very painful and came up overnight.

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Oni2013 (02-15-2018)
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Oni2013 HB User
Re: Painful lump, very fast growing (3 days), now at 2 ish cm, PLEASE HELP I'm scared

Hello ladies,

Thanks for the replies.

The bump has doubled in size over the last 24± hours, it's now the size of a grape, and the skin is so tight around it now that E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G hurts, and it sometimes burns. It's keeping me awake at night now too :|

I've taken all the pain pills I own in an effort to alleviate the discomfort, both over the counter and the remnants of Rx pills from past injuries; but nothing is helping, not even the hot salt-water bath. I get a little relief when I put a Coke bottle filled with hot water between my legs, then squeeze my legs together around it but only for the 15ish minutes that's hot enough to make a difference.

I am in so much discomfort I even put Ibuprofen gel ON the lump last night, since it's not internal I figured it'd be ok. I was very careful not to get it near my urethra or clitoris or the vaginal opening, and used a cotton swab to apply it .
It was fine, no burning or skin reaction or anything (thank God! but I was desperate) but sadly I didn't notice any real relief.

I have an appointment today with a GP because none of the GYNs had openings (I'm in the EU and it's possible to get 'emergent' appointments at Dr's offices & specialists offices on the day here, without another trip to the ER :relieved: ) so we'll see...

I don't know how it could be an infection because I don't remember any trauma down there recently (no shaving nicks or anything) but I have persistent bad luck (hence the username) so who knows.

I'll post again when I know more

Thanks again for the responses and support

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Oni2013 HB User
Lightbulb Re: Follow-up: Painful lump fast growing (3 days), now at 2 ish cm, PLEASE HELP


I'm always left with a feeling of non-closure when I find a forum and someone posts asking for help, receives it, then never says another word. So I'm back (if a bit delayed - because life happened) to report.

I got an acute appointment with a GP, who'd never seen anything like it. He was very kind and competent, and despite having been a doctor for several years he --quite importantly-- was WILLING TO ADMIT HE DIDN'T KNOW, and refer me to a GYN
(I've had more problems with regular doctors assuming they know everything about a particular problem than just admitting they didn't know and getting a second opinion)
He called the hospital GYN dept and asked if they could see me soon (it had gotten so swollen and painful I was limping while walking because of the pressure and friction of my legs rubbing on it ) they had an immediate appointment, and 30 minutes later I was being seen *phew*

It was an abscess.
They're unsure of how it got there, or why, but they numbed the area and drained it and sent me home.

• On a side note, it wasn't the abscess itself that was so painful, but the stretched out inflamed über-sensitive skin around it. Something I didn't find out until the needle with the numbing solution pierced the skin there – the most painful sensitive part.
I really should've insisted that they use a topical numbing gel before hand, but I didn't know until the needle was pinching in ANYONE WITH A SIMILAR ISSUE INSIST ON A TOPICAL NUMBING AGENT BEFORE THE NEEDLE the lancing and draining was a breeze, but that there folks, that's where I passed out – much to the dismay of the doctor, and nurse.

Of all the many things I've endured, spinal column puncture & fluid draw, broken bones, torn ligaments, sprains and strains, migraines, and burst ovarian cyst, this was top 2 (because let's be honest every one of the top 5 most painful things to happen feels like the most painful thing you've ever done while it's happening, so judgement is never truly subjective)

But then it was drained and rinsed and over. And so too, thankfully, was the pain. Like it'd never been there.

The incision made was too small to pack with gauze/wick so they left it open (to prevent further infection from closing the wound with potential microbes still inside). I was given instructions to rinse it thoroughly after using the restroom (thank God my in-laws have a bidet) and come back if it came back or if I had any problems.
I asked if I could get a small amount of the topical numbing gel to take home in case it happened again, dang they gave me it (I wouldn't use ibuprofen gel on an open wound)
I purchased some non-woven gauze pads (1"x1" maybe) in the hospital pharmacy, as well as some Aleve, and went to my brother- and sister-in-law's house for pizza lol
Over the next 4 days I would rinse the opening thoroughly after using the restroom, and washed it with warm salt-heavy salt water 2x a day roughly.
I meticulously patted it dry with gauze after each rinse/wash and placed a new gauze square between the outer and inner labia, folded in half, so that there wouldn't be any cross contamination from other skin cells, or hair, or anything getting in the wound as it closed up. It also helps keep the opening from creating a scab or crust which would trap in bacteria, and from fusing to the other lip.
I DID NOT want to go back to the GYN.

It worked. No refilling of the abscess, no swelling or inflammation, no puss after the first 12± hours, and no need for the numbing gel (though I'm glad to have it for future use)
On day 5 after I manged to take the plane home, and though I didn't have the ability to rinse after using the restroom (cue more obsessive gauze cleaning and re-packing) I didn't have any problems either.
I stopped using the gauze the next day (day 6) and I'm guessing the wound was healed by day 10 (I didn't pay attention much after day 7 because it'd been 2 successful pain/swelling free days without the gauze)

TL;DR it was an abscess, and INSIST on topical numbing agent

Thanks for all the support and help when I was in pain and freaking out.
I hope this can help somebody else later on

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