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Sniper260687 07-12-2012 02:44 PM

Might have Cancer or something?
Hello I just recently turned 25 in June im 5-9 135lbs male, For the past 3 months i been feeling very odd i feel tired most of the time i have trouble remember recent things and concentrating, i feel negative and impatient with high anxiety, sometimes i don't even wanna play soccer or video games which i love doing that, i grew up playing soccer in south America and now it feels more like a job and i don't feel interested in it i rather be laying down.. and now recently whenever im done eating i feel exhausted and short of breath like i just ran or something, i have never been like that, like i said i used to play soccer all the time now i don't even want to because i feel "lazy"

I forgot to add that my whole life i been thin i always go from 130lbs to 135lbs never less never more, never gain weight and i do eat a lot and i mean a lot. I could eat w/e i desire and not gain a single pound.

What could be happening to me?


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