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lisamom2lucas 08-03-2012 03:46 PM

swollen lymph node..
I originally posted this in anxiety but thought maybe here would be appropriate.

I've had a lot of stuff going on with my sick parents in the past 3 months. my mom had 14 hour brain surgery which sent me through the roof as far as anxiety.

in may i went to the ER for major headache/ear pain. had a CT scan and it showed nothing bad. dr said could be TMJ due to my anxiety and grinding teeth, etc.

in july i went to the ER after feeling a lymph node in my neck and chest pains. had the whole chest pain work up, xray, blood work, etc, everything came back fine. the doctor said it was a lymph node and that it was normal and prob wouldn't have found it had i not been digging for one.

last week i went to the ER with ear pain again, and also worrying about this damn swollen lymph node. turns out i had a double ear infection. i started antibiotics last friday.

the node is still swollen, it's firm (not hard as a rock, but kind of hard) it feels "fixed" to me but the ER doctor said it felt like a "normal" swollen lymph node (I said it feels like it's attached to the skin--and he said, it has to be attached to something.. touche! LOL).

my question is, has anyone experienced this? i know i'm sick NOW with an ear infection but the node had been swollen for a good 4-6 weeks prior to getting sick, and i wasn't sick to my knowledge to cause this. also, can nodes swell PRIOR to getting sick (like 4-6 weeks before i actually got an illnes.. seems far fetched!)

i do have occassional night sweats but i believe they are from zoloft. no other symptoms.

of course i'm thinking the worst that i have cancer that spread to the lymph nodes and whatever else.

can anyone shed some light or give me some reassurance?

Teacher20 10-03-2012 03:54 PM

Re: swollen lymph node..
I know how you feel! I worry a lot about my health and the things I worry about [usually] end up being nothing.

I do, believe though...that because you had the reassurance of the doctor telling you several times that it's nothing to be concerned about, that the only way your mind will be eased is if you seek a second opinion (maybe from a doctor who will allow examination of this lymph node, like a biopsy).

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