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eviltuna 12-07-2012 11:18 AM

Unexplained lumps and disturbing symptoms. cancer?
Hey there.

Since July, I have been having on and off neurological issues such as muscle twitches and minor cognitive impairment, but as the months have gone on, my symptoms have gotten alot worse. here's the list of ALL the symptoms I've been experiencing that I think, are related to the mystery problem I have
[LIST][*]A deterioration in eyesight, usually short sighted but now my vision is doubling out and incredibly sensitive to bright lights.[*]a persistent ringing in my ears on occasion[*]severe cognitive decline, almost dementia-like. I cannot word sentences anymore without stuttering or mispronouncing simple words, making silly mistakes such as putting my shoes on back to front and not realising. wearing my socks in the shower and not realising. taking longer to process words and find myself having to stop and think to remember simple words or phrases and sometimes being unable to do so and replacing the word with 'thingy' or ending the sentence prematurely. [*]severe muscle twitches, sometimes my arms and legs will just jerk out of nowhere, and sometimes they can be small muscle jerks on the tip of my skin[*]clicking and aching joints, everytime I move my arms, neck, head, legs, hands and feet, they will be like a snapping, clicking noise. this only came up as soon as all these symptoms started to worsen[*]prominent lumps on the back of my head and the center of my chest (the manubrium) that weren't there before and again, only appeared after these symptoms started to get worse. they are bony in nature, the one on my head moves and clicks when I touch it. the one on my chest is solid and does not move or make a noise when I touch it.[*]weakness in my joints and feeling more fatigued than normal
[U]Symptoms related to my chest[/U]
[LIST][*]Severe rib pains[*]Breathlessness [*]Wheezing and whistling when I breathe[*] Very dry throat[*]Hoarse voice[*]A persistent dry cough[/LIST]
[U]Symptoms related to my stomach[/U]
[LIST][*]a constant nauseous feeling in my stomach (like the kind of nausea you get when you do not eat and have an empty stomach) so bad to the point it keeps me awake at night[*]constipation[*]severe stomach pains[/LIST]

I have had an MRI on my head a few months ago when the symptoms were less serious which was normal. a CT scan on my head a few weeks ago to check about the bony lump, the report says that there is indeed a bony prominence there and needs further investigation, but that is not being conducted until January. I have had a Chest X-ray about the chest lump and again everything looked normal. however, I can assure them that this lump is new and alongside all these other symptoms, requires further consideration. would the lump have been picked up by an x-ray? or would it need a more advanced scan? such as a CT or an MRI? would they need a previous x-ray scan to show change in the bone structure of my chest? I had a chest x-ray at the beginning of the year which was completely normal and was debating asking if they could have a look at it to see what I mean.

I am simply at a loss on what to do, everyday is like a chore, watching my intelligence and cognitive abilities deteriorate by the day, my body fall apart before my eyes. I simply can't take it anymore.

Any advice, anything on what to do and how to proceed would be a godsend.


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