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Zipity 12-07-2012 06:55 PM

Memory loss with radiation?
My MIL found out she has cancer in her salivary gland. I guess when they went in and removed the tumor, there was still some left behind so they got out what they could and now they are doing radiation. 6 times a week for 6 weeks. Apparently she said it only takes about 4 minutes after they prep her for 15, so it sounds like it's a low dose? I know she said they fitted her with a mask to protect the rest of her head and something to protect her teeth etc. So she's not getting it directly on her brain.
But she has had a lot of issues with her memory lately. My husband and my sister in law are both kind of scared to say anything with her. They have a different kind of relationship with their Mom. If this was my mom, I would just say "Mom, I know you're getting old, but man your memory is horrible lately!" in a sort of joking way. Is this something that's common with any radiation? Like would this still be happening if she was getting it on her leg or arm or other part of her body? Or should we be concerned that it's affecting her brain even though they fitted her for something to protect her brain?

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