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dave5521 12-27-2012 06:44 PM

Desmoid Fibromitosis Tumor
I was diagnosed a 18 months ago with this dreaded disease, finding a tumor in my right chest wall. I have been healthy all my life, but suddenly this rare semi-cancer has popped up. I am exploring the "wait and see" approach which has been a subject of discussion in the medical literature lately. The surgery I am now facing (second as a result of recurrence) is intrusive, includes removal of ribs, plastic surgery and radiology. If this provided a guaranty of no recurrence, it would be an easy decision. However, even after undergoing major surgery, there is no guaranty that it will not return for the third time. It could then return a 4th time and so on. The repeated surgery and radiology treatment could mean a downward spiral of one's health and ultimately death. Apparently about 20% stabilize or spontaneously regress. I am thinking that a "wait and see" approach with careful monitoring may be appropriate to at least GIVE MYSELF A CHANCE TO DEAL WITH THE DISEASE WITHOUT POTENTIALLY LIFE ALTERING SURGERY. Anyone with any experience or insights that would be helpful?

cb-443 09-06-2013 05:51 PM

Re: Desmoid Fibromitosis Tumor
I too have been inflicted with a dismoid tumor in my right calf for twenty years. Now at the age of 50years when it should be shrinking the active branch doubled. I haven't had surgery or radiation for fourteen years and don't plan to return to such invasive methods. My doctor wants to put me on Celebrex which could cause me more problems so I did some research that I think could also help save your life. One cure was a strict vegan diet the other easier remedy is Pau d ' arco! It stimulates oxygen to the circulation system and may cause the tumor to become more painful while it's being zapped. Then the tumor shrinks which sounds like a miracle cure to me. I personally plan on going on a simi-vegan diet in addition to this garden of Amazon cure. Wishing you well. I know the hell this disease can bring to ones life.

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