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  • Candida Yeast Bacteria Cleanse....Still Seems Like A Miracle!

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    Candida Yeast Bacteria Cleanse....Still Seems Like A Miracle!

    I'll try to keep this brief, if that's possible. If you have any questions, I'll certainly answer them ASAP.

    A little over a year ago I read on this forum about the Candida Yeast bacteria. I'm 48 years old now, and after about 32 years of wondering why my energy level had dropped so dramatically (extrememly sluggish mentally and physically....way different than simply feeling tired) to a point where sleeping was about all I cared to do many days, I decided to give it a try. I had tried everything else without success, including colon and parasite cleanses that I had read and heard about, so why not this. I had other symptoms which I'll mention later.

    I first should mention why I thought the Candida bacteria may be the culprit. There were many, many different types of food that would make my energy level worse...usually about 15 - 18 hours later. By the way, I could also count on "crashing" about 15-20 minutes after eating most of these foods, but the real "crash" would come about 15 - 18 hours later, as mentioned. Foods such as dairy, beef, wheat (gluten), sugar, alchohol, acidic foods, etc.. In other words, just about anything other than fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains(non-gluten), small portions of fish and chicken. Even the high acidic fruits would do a number on me. I pretty much needed a strict macro-biotic diet, but even when I tried that, I still had many days of just wanting to lay down and sleep. Also, the macro diet caused me to get so skinny that I became too self-conscious to continue it.

    Anyway, I found it strange that I could have such an intolerance to so many foods, especially when no one else in my family had any intolerances. They practically live on all the foods that I couldn't eat, yet they all have plenty of energy. What excited me most about the possible Candida Yeast bacteria was that the bacteria thrives best on all the foods that I couldn't eat, and research was showing that the result of the bacterial activity was many of the symptoms I had been experiencing. This made much more sense to me instead of me somehow having an intolerance to all those foods. This "bacterial feast" could explain the short term crash, and also the after affects that would manifest many hours later.

    Another aspect that made me think that the bacteria was the problem is that, for many, the problem starts when anti-biotics are taken. The anti-biotics can kill the good bacteria in our system, thus causing the Candida bacteria to take over. Tetracycline is a common anti-biotic that can kill the good bacteria. When I was a young teenager, I took this drug for acne.

    So anyway, I started the cleanse, along with purchasing two pro-biotics (the good bacteria) that were refrigerated in the store to keep them alive (I've also seen them on dry shelves, so not sure if that's okay or not).

    Since this was over a year ago, I don't remember the specific brand of cleanse, and I can only remember one of the pro-biotics (acidolphilus). I know there was more than one Candida cleanse on the shelf. Maybe they're all about the same. I'll make it a point to find out the other pro-biotic tomorrow. However, I think they now have many pro-biotics, so maybe it's best to purchase several to be on the safe side. I also stayed on the strict macro-biotic diet to give the cleanse the best possible chance to work.

    I think it took about 3-4 weeks to complete the cleanse, but I'm pretty certain, no longer. For about one to two months AFTER the cleanse I really didn't feel any different. Therefore, I figured yet another failed attempt to rid myself of my huge problem. I also gradually got off the macro diet because of the weight loss mentioned, plus I was really craving my favorite foods which are supposedly favorites of the Candida bacteria. I kind of developed a "so what" attitude at that point, besides I kind of figured that the Candida bacteria must not be the problem, or either the cleanse simply didn't work.

    Now for the good news! At first I didn't think too much about it, because I was no longer even looking for results, but a month or so after the cleanse, I started noticing that I wasn't crashing quite as much 15 -18 hours after eating the culprit foods, and I also wasn't crashing quite as much after 15- 20 minutes of eating them. [To clarify here, the crash shortly after eating them felt more lika a sugar crash, which would last an hour or so, while the crash many hours later was a dreadful, "don't want to do ANYTHING but lay down and sleep" crash which could last for about a day. But for many years, I ate the wrong foods daily because I didn't suspect foods were the culprit, therefore, I went for years with this bad feeling on a virtual daily basis].

    As the days went on, I very slowly improved, while still not giving a whole lot of thought to it. After a while though, the improvement became hard to ignore, especially since I was fully back to my old, wrong foods diet. I figure it was probably about five or six months after the cleanse that I could eat or drink anything I wanted without getting any of the long term crash. As far as any short term crash, maybe a high sugar snack, followed by sitting or laying down, with little to interest me, and I might feel a slight, temporary change, but no big deal at all. Maybe most everyone experiences that.

    Even today it seems my energy level is still increasing, yet I've been perfectly content with it for several months now. It seems as if my body is still repairing itself from the many years of Candida activity, along with time being needed for the good bacteria (pro-biotics) to continue to multiply and create a hopefully thriving flora system. If I had known what I know now, I would of continued the pro-biotics well after the Candida cleanse was complete. Instead, I had discontinued them when the cleanse ended.

    By the way, other negative symptoms I had along with the very low energy levels, were difficulty in concentrating, bad breath (chronic white tongue and very foul odor on dental floss if I waited three days or more to floss), flatulence, bloated feeling after eating, bm's seemed irregular and incomplete, excessive hair loss after shower (lucky that I still have a full set of hair). All of these symptoms have cleared up completely after all those years of having them.

    Well, so much for a brief post. I'm sure I'll think of more later on. If you're having any of these symptoms, you may want to seriously consider the Candida Yeast cleanse. I'm sure some, including some doctors, will tell you that you're wasting your time...such is the nature of some in this world. They would certainly be wasting their time telling me that it can't work. It may not work for all, but it worked a miracle for me. Hope it works for you if you try it. Take care, Chris

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    Re: Candida Yeast Bacteria Cleanse....Still Seems Like A Miracle!

    Hey Chris,

    Interesting post, to say the least! I have had undiagnosed digestive problems for the last 9 months (no problem prior to that whatsoever). One of my friends who is a nurses recently suggested Candida. I've often felt tired and sluggish-- even before I went on anti-depressants. Just a general sense of inertia, I guess. I've been taking probiotics by Jarrow (4 capsules/day) for the last 5 months, but I can't tell if they've been helping.

    What I am interested in knowing is this: 1) If I tried Candida Yeast cleanse and that's not what I have, would it do any harm? 2) Do I need to change my diet while on it (or before it, after it, etc.). I've changed my diet somewhat, but the idea of not eating so many different things (which I'm already doing to some extent) seems difficult and frustrating, to say the least.

    Just curious to know what you think.....

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    Re: Candida Yeast Bacteria Cleanse....Still Seems Like A Miracle!

    I actually am amazed, someone who cured Candida yeast overgrouth? I've tried everything with these doc's and they all fail to find anything except all the scars in my stomach; the doctor is calling my disorder Irratable Stomach; even though there is no such dissorder in any medical records??? I've been leaning towards Candida for my problem because of my infection is so bad it is causing inflamation even in my stomach, I've tried the Candida cleanse; but when I fight it full-on, it gives me constant diarhea and terrible Hemmroids, so bad I have to stop the treatment.
    My symptoms include Bloating, Intermittent Diahrea and Constipation, Sour Stomach, Acne(when it is full-blown), Alternating Mood, low energy, used to get pain in Duedenal and right kidney(but lowering sugar, and fat; has lowered this), sensitivity to Wheat and meats, but I have been checked for Sprue and it came back negative, very much white film on my tongue.
    Ok this is the food reactions I get bad results from, Alcohol, Wheat Gluten, Beef or pork(it is the fat that makes me feel almost like slime is in my intestines), yeast in breads, sugar!!!(seems to stop the action of all my enzymes food comes out under digested if I drink an energy drink or something), certain types of Fiber(you have to be extremely picky with your daily fiber supplement), sugary or starchy fruits give me issues too. So it seems all I can eat anymore is some types of Crackers, rices, some beans, vegies, and some fruits. It totally sucks!!!
    My history: Acne at age 14 or so, Monocycline, then Tetracycline, then Accutane; I got very sick after this treatment schedule. Had to homeschool the rest of my High School years. Guess what, all this acne treatment didn't work!!! ahhhh. When I am on Candida treatments; my Acne dissapears like magic??? And my symptoms didn't really incompacitate me until the last 10 months, it is a nightmare... But I can't ever seem to get my tongue to stop getting the white film on it.
    Anybody out there that has a similar symptom, and history that might be able to help me?

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    Re: Candida Yeast Bacteria Cleanse....Still Seems Like A Miracle!

    mizzaj, Sorry to be slow in responding. To answer your questions: The Candida cleanse that I did was called Candida Clear by Now. It consists of herbs, magnesium, and a few other natural ingredients, so I don't think there would be any harm to you if you didn't have an excess of Candida bacteria. I took some antibiotics recently, so I'm doing the cleanse again for safe measure, even though I wasn't experiencing any negative symptoms.

    During the 1st cleanse, I kept a fairly strict macrobiotic type diet (see my above post), but only during it and a short time after. I wanted to give the cleanse a good chance to work. This time around I'm keeping my usuual diet as of late, which is not very healthy. During your cleanse, I'm not sure if eating some of the foods that the Candida bacteria thrive on would affect things much, but I would still recommend keeping them to a minimum.

    Either way, I would highly recommend the cleanse. It's very inexpensive, with potentially amazing, life changing results. Chris

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