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    Old 03-09-2008, 04:52 AM   #1
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    Re: Does anyone here suffer from Candida?

    Could this be a sign of candida?

    Bad breath (Dentist said everything was fine and have good oral hygene)
    Furry, white tongue
    Random rashes apearing, warm to touch compared to normal skin with no rash ( they only last a couple of minutes... and alsoo seem to appear when nervous, as well as papetations)
    Noisy gut (little rummberling noises coming from my gut)
    Odd Odor(not nice to here i no )
    Soft stolls
    Other things:-
    I have symptoms of BV
    Increased sweating
    Post nasel drip

    I also have good hygene

    But i think all of this is down to candida or yeast which has spread through out my body? do you think it could be this? I'm quite positive that it is... iv also done alot or research on the topic and am pretty sure that it is... all the problems are making me really self concious and as a 16 year old i'v avoided social events because of it.. any help would be appreciated =)

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    Re: Does anyone here suffer from Candida?

    I believe that I'm suffering from candida and it sounds like you are, too! I would recommend taking ThreeLac because you don't have to follow a strict diet or eat gallons of yogurt! Here is my story:

    I was sick for several years before I diagnosed myself. I had a cold and was given antibiotics and within a couple of months went from being very healthy and athletic to having trouble walking up a flight of stairs. I was diagnosed with asthma, acid reflux, MANY sinus infections, name it. I had been to multiple specialists and most doctors blew me off within 2 minutes of being in their office. They told me that I wasn't 'chronic', wrote me prescriptions for more anitibiotics, suggested I was depressed (which I wasn't, I was mad at being sick for 6 months), and really did nothing but forward me around in circles. At one point I was on EIGHT different medicines and was sick for months before I quit all of the meds. I started researching online - sure that the antibiotics somehow knocked my system out of whack. I discovered information on candida and had many symptoms listed on most sites. I had newly acquired asthma, allergies, itchy skin, feeling sick all of the time, tired, and I also noticed that I had this weird stink that I never had before. I would still smell after I showered! I started taking "ThreeLac" but got pregnant (which I believe was no coincidence) and was told by docs that it wasn't safe to take during pregnancy, although they did not know what it was and knew nothing about candida. I just started taking it again and am feeling many syptoms disappear after a couple of weeks. It's a little bit expensive, but much cheaper than all of the copayments and medicines I was previously taking. I have a lot more enegery and am very optimistic that this can help many people. It's much easier than following a candida diet - they only recommend not eating refined sugar so it's very easy to take.

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    Re: Could this be a sign of candida?

    You have all the symtpoms that I have.
    Do you know what started it?
    Or have a suspicion? I think I caught it off someone.
    Iwould like to start a community for people like us because it is very distressful and the doctors say there is nothing wrong with me.

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    Re: Does anyone here suffer from Candida?


    You certainly have many symptoms of yeast/candida problems but also some sound like allergies. As you clear up the yeast/ candida problems maybe the allergies will disappear?? Some symptoms are easier than others to get rid of and the use of of OTC remedies have helped many people.

    Yogurt, Kefir, probiotics like Primal Defense, lactobacillus sporogenes which is I think Threelac as well as many others help. OTC remedies like Garlic, Caprlic acid, Wild Oregano oil, Pau d'arco root, Olive leaf extract, clove and miatake tea are effective for some people. The anti-fungal drugs like Diflucan, Sporonox, Nystatin and others--- as well as an anti-yeast/candida diet all have there place in clearing up the problem depending on it's severity.

    Yeast/candida problems can happen because of many things from Many Medication -- like antibiotics and even birth control pills, Foods like too much sugar, salt or spicy foods and drinks in your diet disrupt the balance and yeast thrive on sugary food.

    I think whenever the the friendly bacteria gets out of balance --- some form of yeast/candida problem occurs. There are over 400 different strains of bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract that are in constant warfear to retain proper balance. With so many possible out of balance variations -- this disorder could affect people in so many ways as well as many cures--- It is no wonder that a Book was wriiten -- "The Missing Diagnosis" by Orian Truss (a reseacher) -- about 30 years ago.

    I wish you well---Harry

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    Re: Could this be a sign of candida?

    You can find out really quickly. Go to your doctor and ask for Diflucan (OTC) request at least two solid weeks. Tell him why and explain it clear. Then know now there is a die off effects for a few days, youll feel sick, then if its candida you will start feeling much better there after. At that point you going tohave to get the threelac as noted above ( a bit costly) and change your diet. Dr. Crook has MANY books to help you. It is a hard road when its yeast, be very patient.There is a candidathrush forum on this web somewhere, run by the threelac company.You can reseach it there. The Diflucan is a quick fix and this way you know for sure. You must follow the diet though, reality is if its yeast your body is run down and needs to exclude certain foods to function better.I can tell you now an integrated doctor will help you and see you thru the whole process.

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    Re: Could this be a sign of candida?

    Threelac isn't safe to take AT ALL. If you really have Candida, then your system wouldn't be able to handle Threelac. It has two different kinds of Lactic Acid in it, and people with Candida have compromised immune systems which means you can get Lactic Acidosis. My mother almost died from taking that stuff and she's had Candida for about 17 years+. It is not a cure for people with Candida, it's actually dangerous for people with Candida.

    Candida is not contageous and it has no cure.

    These also look like symptoms of fibromyalgia, which is another disease that doctors don't recognize.

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