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muskenstein 07-23-2012 09:55 AM

could my body odor be candida?
Years ago I started noticing a major change in my body. The first thing that really hit me was a horrid foot odor that had me walking around in an aura of dirty shoe smell. Later it evolved into a weird musky/sweet body odor (i've never asked anyone about this, I can actually smell it on myself).

During this time I started suffering from depression, fatigue and mood swings that I thought was caused by my increased cannabis and alcohol usage. After learning about candida I realize it might b because I was smoking weed all day and living off of candy bars and beer.

So anyways..the symptoms lingered, the body odor came and went in waves. I can't really describe it but it's like a thick warm sweetness that sort of merges with any other smell it comes in contact with and pronounces it..Like if I'm wearing dirty shoes the entire room will smell like funky musky shoeness...

If I spit in a glass of water first thing in the morning the spit drops like a gooey bomb to the bottom of the glass with gooey strings going all directions. But I've always had gooey mouth in the morning as long as I can remember so i dont know how much to read into that..

Anyways..can anyone else who's had these issues shed some light? I'd like to eliminate this and a strict diet seems the only way so I'd kind of like to be confident it's actually candida before I go total monk for 2 years and waste a bunch of money on probiotics and whatnot..

Thanks for reading.

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