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corieg922 09-29-2012 10:23 PM

Please Help
I am 20 years old, i have been battling UTI's since i was 16. When I was 17 I started to develop BV and from then on I have had those two combined with yeast infections. This has been a living hell, i have tried every medicine, every antiabotic, nothing works. I have been doing things naturally as much as i can. I have douched with 1/4 hydrogen peroxide and a cup of distilled water. I take 50 billion lactobillas ultimate flora probiotic a day. I take folic acid. I bathe in ACV and sea salt. This is the longest i have been without a UTI and its six months today, but after everytime i have sex i take ampicillen to reduce getting a UTI. The antiabotic is causing my yeast infections, without it thought i would have a UTI. Right now im dealing with a yeast infection that is going on 3 weeks. I have resisted all carbs. I have taken two pills of diflucan and a three day treatment of trezol cream. Nothing has worked. Iv tried the hyrogen peroxide douche witch has worked every other time and for some reason this time its not working. I feel all these problems are related to sex. This is runining my relationship i can literally only have sex once a month. All answers are appreciated! Thank you

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